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Amir Khan's next fight is anyone's guess
On 23rd July Amir Khan beat Zab Judah for the IBF World Light Welterweight title at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. He was too fast for Judah, and his punches were more accurate than William Tell's arrow shots. Now he wants to capitalise on this impressive victory and fight one of the big guys in the division. Who can Amir fight? I will have a look at the possible and not-so-possible candidates.

Amir Khan Versus...

  • Humberto Soto (56-7-2):

This is the least likely match up on the list, but it is an entertaining prospect. Soto recently defended his WBC Lightweight title against Motoki Sasaki with an eleventh round technical decision. After the match, he announced he was moving up to Light Welterweight. Soho has an impressive record and is in good form, winning all his last five matches. Nevertheless, I don't see him as an opponent for Amir Khan. Soto has a fight coming up with Jose Alfaro, and by then Amir will have moved on.

Likeliness of Fight: 2/10

  • Erik Morales (51-7-0) or Lucas Matthysse (28-2-0):

The Ring puts Morales number eight on their Junior Welterweight rankings. He is a great fighter with a reputation to match, and a fight with him would bring a lot of attention. Morales has a fight on 17th September with number six contender Lucas Matthysse for the vacant WBC Light Welterweight title. The winner would bring enough talent, media attention and money to make it a beneficial fight for Khan. Khan himself admitted Morales was a possibility during an interview with BBC Radio Manchester four days ago:

"Morales is going to be fighting for that in September, so if he wins that fight, Morales could be an option".

Morales, on the other hand, has a different view on a fight with Amir Khan. He told boxing scene:
"I'm going to be rooting for Maidana. He was barking up in the ring that he was going to give me that rematch. The weeks have been passing and I don't see that rematch."

Likeliness of fight: 5/10

  • Timothy Bradley (27-0-0, 1 No Contest):

Timothy Bradley is the current WBO World Light Welterweight Champion and rated by the ring as number 2 Light Welterweight in the world. He is undefeated after 28 fights and is ranked as one of the best pound for pound boxers fighting today. At 5ft6 he is four inches shorter than Khan, and his reach is two inches less. In terms of technique, though, he is the better fighter. A match between these two has been hotly anticipated for a long time and the announcement would cause a big stir in the boxing world.

Immediately after Khan's victory over Zab Judah, Bradley's name was offered by many as his next opponent. Indeed, Bradley's twitter was flooded with messages about it, prompting Bradley to reply "Soon". Some say he is nervous about a fight with Khan and some believe he is a numbers man - someone scared to take the fight because he doesn't want a 27-1-0. Rumours and allegations aside, you can't argue with what Bradley himself said in this clip:

"I want Khan"

As The Ring's number six pound for pound fighter, Bradley would represent a huge challenge for Khan.

One thing that stands in this fights favour is Khan's own trainer, Freddie Roach. The Hall of Famer has publicly he stated he would thinks Bradley is a better match for Khan than Morales. He told boxingscene.com:

"We still have one more guy that we want to fight in the 140-pound division, Bradley. I'd rather clean this division out, unify the titles and then move up."

Likeliness of fight: 8/10

  • Floyd Mayweather (41-0-0):

The current undefeated WBC Welterweight champion is, along with Manny Pacquino, one of the best opponents you could give Khan. It is a fight that has been talked up ever since Khan beat Maidana in 2010, and with every fight Khan wins he looks less like the kid who won an Olympic silver medal and more like a champion.

Having said that, let's not get carried away. I'm not saying Khan is a match for Money just yet. Mayweather has too much skill and experience for Khan, who despite winning convincingly against Zab Judah, still looked nervous. If the two were to meet right now it would be an easy Mayweather win.

Mayweather hasn't fought for 14 months, so his upcoming fight against Victor Ortiz on September 17th will get him back in the groove (actually, did he ever leave it?). That puts his next fight at Feb-March 2012 at least, and can Khan wait that long? I think he will have to fight someone in between to keep his momentum going.

So we can rule out a Khan Mayweather fight for the time being. But here is something to keep you going on that front. On 4th August, Khan told Sky Sports News:

"...Floyd is a possibility, Floyd is a fight that - in the next 12 months - could happen."

Likeliness of fight: 6/10

So out of the possibilities, I would go for a Khan Bradley fight and I would expect it to be announced in the next month. Both of them want to be top of the division, both of them are young and talented. Neither of them have a fight coming up and what's more, they have a massive twitter rivalry!

Khan: "Your turn will come, just get in the que[sic]. I want to face a better bunch of opponents first."

Bradley: "Until you face me you will never get the respect...period! So who you going to face next then?"

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