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Amir Khan (26-1-0 18KO) and Timothy Bradley (27-0-0 11KO) were again taking shots at each other last night on social network twitter. A fight between the two has long been talked up, as I said in this article about Amir's next opponent, and they continue to throw digs at each other for the world to see. It kicked off yesterday when five-division champion Floyd Mayweather dismissed a fight with Amir khan on fighthype.com:

"He don't really want that; not selling 2500 tickets and having a bunch of giveaways. No, he don't want that."

On hearing the news, IBF and WBA Light Welterweight Champion Amir Khan responded the way every respectable fighter should; by posting on Twitter.

"lol @floydmayweather Im not a big enough draw to fight in 2012....and victor Ortiz is right now????"

You have to say he has a point here. With the audience Khan can attract, he is much a draw as Ortiz, if not better. But the discussion quickly took a different turn, when Khan said he wants to:

"clean up the 140 division but no1 wants to fight me, tim Bradley may aswel retire undefeated as a fight with him vs Floyd or Manny will"

Well, what to say? Khan mentioning Timothy Bradley was like waving a crack pipe at a policeman. It wasn't long before Desert Storm himself came crashing in with his own comment:

U a pussy fighting all these over the hill fighters. I had my reasons Im ready to show that chin up!!!

Once again, Timothy Bradley is all talk. Yes, maybe he had his reasons to pull out of a fight with Amir Khan. It would have been wise of him to share at least one of the good ones with the rest of the world. If this empty talk carries on, I will consider getting in the ring to shut them up. That, or take them off my twitter.

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