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David Haye looks set to retire
Chances of former WBA World Heavyweight Champion David Haye ever fighting again get more remote each day. After his recent high-profile loss to Wladimir Klitschko (56-3 49KO's), Haye (25-2 23KOs) blamed a broken toe for his loss. By now his toe will have healed but he is still reluctant to get another fight.

Before his fight with Klitschko, Haye did the UK chatshow circuit playing on his confident persona. He talked a good game and appeared convinced he would beat Wladimir. Perhaps his loss has taken a greater toll on him than anyone expected.

Has Haye Lost His Confidence?

I should point out that Haye has had a retirement plan all along. His stated goal was always to be:

"undisputed cruiserweight champion, unify the heavyweight division and then call it a day"
Well, lots of boxers say they will retire and then don't. Amir Khan has said he will retire at 28 - do we believe him? Heck, in football, Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, has been on the verge of retirement for decades. My point here is that athletes and sports people  in general say they will retire but then find they cannot leave the game behind. It has been too big a part of their life for too many years. Most recently, Shannon Briggs has announced his comeback for this very reason. He wrote in his blog about how much he missed life in the ring and the glory of fights. Haye is the same. He seems to feed on the adulation of fans and the thrill of beating an opponent.

WBC Super Middleweight champion Carl Froch, who's career is very much in full swing with an upcoming bout against Andre Ward, spent time on holiday with Haye. Froch told the Daily Mail:

"I don’t think he is going to (fight again). Listening to him, he is quite content. It doesn’t really sound like it."

Of course, only Haye can truly know what he wants to do. But just in case, here is a proposed plan of action for Haye if he wants to get another shot at the Klitschkos.

David Haye's Fight Plan

Firstly, he needs a tune up. Perfect for this is Eddie Chambers (35-2 18KO's), the twenty nine year old who currently ranks as #7 heavyweight in The Ring's ratings. By tune up, I don't mean Chambers will be a pushover for Haye. He is a very good fighter in his own right, but Haye should beat him. This would be the confidence booster He needs and would get his all-important mojo flowing again.

Next, he needs someone to really push him and help earn back some respect. World #4 heavyweight Alexander Povetkin and #6 Ruslan Chagaev meet in Erfurt, Germany on August 27th in a fight that should give one of them a shot at Wladimir Klitschko. After his win over Chambers, Haye should be aiming for the winner of these two. It is a fight that I cannot say he will win - both Povetkin and Chagaev are extremely skilled and capable boxers. If Haye met them in the ring, and won, he would rightly have a chance to fight Wladimir Klitschko again.

The only barrier here is Haye himself - does he want to fight again? His friend Carl Froch says no. The man himself has been frustratingly silent. I hope we don't hear in a press conference soon that he has retired. If he does, the heavyweight division will be weaker for it.

What do you think - will he fight again? Or do you think it is time for David Haye to retire?

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