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Who should Dereck Chisora fight next?
Before he came up against Tyson Fury, twenty seven year old boxing heavyweight Derek Chisora was the holder of the British Heavyweight Championship and was touted to fight Wladimir Klitschko in the near future. After 12 grueling rounds and a loss on points to Fury, "Del Boy" Chisora is nearing the wilderness.

The fight was touted as a battle of Britain, with both men rising boxing stars and undefeated. The winner would have a good claim to call himself the best heavyweight in Britain, and channel five picked up on this and became the first UK channel in years to show a boxing match that didn't star Sylvester Stallone. Chisora, however, didn't prepare enough, or he prepared badly. He turned up to the ring a stone heavier than ever before, perhaps in the hope this would give him an advantage over the much taller Fury. It appeared to work; in the second round he rocked Fury and it looked like the giant from Manchester was going to go down. Somehow, Fury weathered Chisora's blows and in the later rounds Chisora tired.

Since then it seems everyone has forgotten Chisora. You would be hard pressed to find his name mentioned in any news stories, whereas Fury enjoys the most publicity he has ever had. It is about time we looked at what Chisora's options are.

Where does Chisora go from here?

The first thing is Chisora needs to get in the ring soon. If he is to keep any of the momentum he had built prior to the Fury fight, he needs a match that will generate interest and he needs to win it. Chisora's promoter, Frank Warren, has acknowledged this. He told the Sun:

"Chisora will need to get his act together quickly. He will be out again in September against a top 10 ranked opponent."

If Chisora actually were to book himself a top ten opponent in September, it could put him above Fury in the world title chase. The reason for this is Fury is also fighting in September, but so far all evidence suggests it will be against a lesser opponent for the Irish Heavyweight title. This doesn't mark progress for Fury, and if Chisora gets himself a good match-up he could leapfrog him.

So who could Chisora fight? 
Well there are a number of options in the top ten. First off I would throw these names out there:

Chris Arreola (33-2  28KOs) - ranked #11. He has a fight booked for September 15th but the opponent is mysteriously unnamed. Even though he isn't a universal top ten, my money is on him.

Denis Boytsov (28-0  23KOs) - ranked #9. Currently doesn't have a fight scheduled.

David Haye (25-2 23KOs) - ranked #4. Haye doesn't have a fight lined up, and may even retire, but he could conceivably use Chisora as a way to get back into title contention.

Can Chisora beat any of these guys? Maybe Arreola. But if he couldn't win against Fury, defeating a top ten opponent will be a struggle. Chisora will need to come to the fight in absolute peak condition both physically and mentally. He certainly can't turn up a stone overweight. I would expect an announcement soon, but as it stands September is already an exciting month for boxing fans.

Do you think Dereck Chisora will land a big opponent? And if he does, do you think he stands a chance of winning?

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