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Photo from Chamber of Fear

On 29th October Carl Froch, current WBC Super Middleweight Champion will fight Andre Ward for the WBC, WBA and The Ring Super Middleweight belts in the final fight of the Super Six World Boxing Classic. This is an eagerly anticipated fight and Froch, Britain's current #2 pound-for-pound fighter, is the underdog at 9/4 odds. He is going to have a tough time beating Ward (24-0 KO:13), whose faster style will require Froch to be at his best.

Where Are Froch's Props?

Despite being one of the top boxers in Britain, Froch has a hard time getting recognition in the way that Amir Khan and David Haye have and even Tyson Fury, whose professional debut was six years later than Froch, is more hyped up in the press. It is hard to decide why this is the case. It definitely isn't because Froch is a meek character, quite the opposite. Many regard him as arrogant, and comments he has made in the past do give that impression. Arrogance is not such a bad thing if you can back it up in the ring.

Andre Ward is rightly thought of as the favorite for this fight. He is the current WBA World Super Middleweight Champion and he has won all of his fights, thirteen of them by knockout. Standing at six feet tall, he only has a one inch disadvantage compared to Froch and this won't make any difference on the night. He has fought less than Carl Froch (28-1 KO20) and has had less wins by knockout but he does have youth on his side, having had seven less birthday parties than Froch.. He has also beaten the one opponent Froch lost to - 32 year old Danish Super middleweight Mikkel Kessler.

I can't see past Ward in this fight. He will be too fast for Froch and better on the counter offensive. Froch is well known for swinging punches so wide that he sometimes looks drunk in the ring, whereas Ward will take his shots well and have a more cautious fight. If Froch is to win what should be a very entertaining fight he will do it quickly in the first few rounds, taking advantage of Ward's weak chin.

What Next For the Froch/Ward Winner?

The winner of this match should fight Lucian Bute (29-0 KO24) for the IBF title to unite the WBA, WBC and IBF Super Middleweight belts. That would be a fight impossible to miss. Andre Ward himself has gone as far as to acknowledge this is a fight that should happen. He told ringtv:

"Obviously, we have business with Carl Froch to handle, first and foremost. But beyond that, obviously, you know, Lucian Bute is a natural fight that we could take a look at."

Bute Has Other Plans For His Next Fight

Whoever wins the Froch/Ward fight wait until next year to face Bute. Carl Froch and Andre Ward fight October 29th, whereas Bute has always said his next fight is going to be November 5th. Never mind that as it stands he has no-one to fight. He was due to fight Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik but money disputes put paid to that - Pavlik was offered what he thought was a paltry sum for fighting the current IBF champion. Whether $1.5 million for a boxer who has a history of dropping fights is a paltry sum I won't go into, but it has nevertheless thrown off Bute's plans. CBCSports.ca has reported, however, that Bute is undeterred:
"Lucian will be fighting Nov. 5, nothing has changed," his trainer St├ęphane Larouche said.
This means he will have to fight someone other than Froch or Ward in November, with veteran fighter Glen Johnson the mostly likely, although not preferred, candidate. A Johnson / Bute fight doesn't make you salivate at the thought of it, so we will have to wait until early 2012 for the real fight.