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Kelly Pavlik withdraws from his fight with Darryl Cunningham
Kelly Pavlik withdraws from the Darryl Cunningham fight
Kelly Pavlik (37-2-0), the former WBC and WBO Middleweight champion, caused an uproar on August 2nd when he pulled out of a fight with Darryl Cunningham, leaving his comeback attempt in tatters. There is one question being asked now; will Kelly Pavlik retire?

 At the time, Pavlik's only reasoning was unclear, leaving it wide open to speculation from the press. Some cited Pavlik's problems with alcohol, other felt he had lost the hunger to fight. Certainly, both reasons could have rung true. In Pavlik's last fight, the first of his comeback attempt, he looked very mediocre and only just beat Alfonso Lopez, a capable boxer but one only on the periphery of the super middleweight rankings.

Shortly afterwards, Pavlik put paid to the drinking rumours. He made it clear that there was only one reason he cancelled the fight; money.He explained his reasons for dropping out of the fight:

“I’m tired of being the puppet. I had not known until a week ago the amount of money I was getting paid for this fight in Youngstown...”
Will Kelly Pavlik Retire?
After beating Lopez, Pavlik had expected to be offered a good whack for his next fight. Never mind that he was not in the slightest way convincing in the Lopez fight, nor does one fight rid you of a reputation of unreliability. It is possible Pavlik had unrealistic expectations of his purse in the Cunningham fight. This begs the question, was Kelly Pavlik making a genuine comeback attempt, or was he just trying to score a giant payday before retirement?

Only Pavlik can answer that question fully. At least he has now expanded on his reasoning for cancelling the fight. The good news is he says he still has some hunger. The bad news is he has cancelled the fight and ruined what could have been a glorious comeback. when asked whether he will retire, Kelly Pavlik said:
I still have it; I still want to fight. But it has to be on my terms. I'm not asking for Mayweather money or Pacquiao money....I'm just asking for my share”.

Of course, there is another side to this story that seems to have been neglected. Darryl Cunningham is the real victim here, because he is the man who put in hours upon hours of his life to get ready for the fight. Cunningham has stated in countless interviews how ready he was for the fight, how he felt it was his time. He has been very patient, and has put together a decent record (23-2-0). I hope Cunningham can be patient a little while longer, because at the very least he deserves his chance.

What do you think? Is there room left for Kelly Pavlik to make another comeback? Or should he just retire with whatever is left of his money and reputation?