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Earlier this month I wrote that Tyson Fury was looking to a fight in Ireland following his impressive points win over Derek Chisora. Well since then, he officially approached Martin Rogan to see if he was interested. Rogan answered back: no.

A sensible Tyson Fury would take this as a sign and move on. He reportedly offered Rogan, 40, quite a good deal to meet him in the ring but Rogan turned him down. I can only assume this was because he knew he would be outclassed by 6 ft 9 Fury, a young fighter who should be looking toward a shot at a world championship belt in a few years time.

Instead of realising he needs to move on to better opposition for his next fight, Fury has decided he’d rather side step across the Irish Sea and fight someone, anyone, for the Irish Heavyweight title. The latest man to enter the frame is twenty eight year old Coleman Barrett, a capable though unspectacular Irish heavyweight.

Tyson Fury Needs To Aim Higher

Looking back at Coleman Barrett’s past opposition, there is nothing there that would worry Fury. He has faced and beaten mostly sub-par opposition, guys Fury would knock down during a sparring session. Barrett’s one fight of note came against former EBU Heavyweight Champion Audley Harrison, who knocked him down in the second round.

This is not meant as disrespect toward Barrett - I just find the idea of him and Fury fighting ridiculous. I even think Fury fighting someone like Audley Harrison would be a mistake; he needs to fight capable guys on the rise, guys like David Price who is undefeated. This would get him respect. A case in point is his win over Derek Chisora. He looked genuinely impressive against a man who also had a perfect record, and Fury looked as though he had stepped up a level. And now it seems he is uninterested in stepping up further. Fury told BBC Sport:

"I just want to do it nice and steady. I'll go for the Irish title then a defence of the British."Then maybe I can go for [Alexander] Dimitrenko who's got the European."

Fighting Dimitrenko is a very good goal to shoot for. Alexander Dimitrenko, 29, has only ever lost one fight and that was to the talented Eddie Chambers, currently ranked #6 in The Ring's heavyweight rankings. Dimitrenko is tipped to challenge for a world title in the next year or two, and if Fury is ever to get his chance he will need to defeat someone of Dimitrenko's calibre. It will be very difficult though.

Fury is right in that he needs another match before he is ready for top contender Alexander Dimitrenko, but he needs to forget the Irish fight completely. If he wants to get to the top of the heavyweight contender’s list he should stop skirting around the big fights and get in the ring with someone who will genuinely give him a challenge. Tyson Fury is talented and he owes it to himself to do this. His next fight needs to be a challenge.