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Who Will Tyson Fury Fight Next?

It was announced yesterday that a date has been finalised for Tyson Fury's next fight. It will be on September 17th and will be staged at King's Hall, Belfast. Since beating Dereck Chisora on July 23rd, the Fury hype machine has increased its output and there has been a lot of speculation on who he would follow up the Chisora bout with.

The first contender was forty year old Martin Rogan, a veteran who Fury wanted to fight for the Irish heavyweight belt. It wasn't a mouthwatering prospect and it quickly fell apart after Rogan rejected the Fury camp's offer. 

Next up was Coleman Barrett (13-1 2KO's). Again, no disrepect for Barrett but this fight shouldn't go ahead. Fury is above Barrett's level by a long way and the only reason Fury would step into the ring with him is to collect a trinket. He has a passion for claiming the Irish heavyweight belt, and if he continues down this path it is going to delay his world title ambitions. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to deter him. Barrett in turn has thrown down the gauntlet to Fury:

"I have the Irish title. If Tyson Fury wants it he has to fight me. I am the Irish champion and there is no other way of getting the Irish title other than fighting me. 

The Fury camp haven't made any official response to this. It is safe to assume Fury hasn't lost his Irish title ambitions overnight, so Coleman Barrett is a good bet.

An even more likely candidate though is Mr. Mike Perez, the twenty four year old Cuban who recently won prizefighter and is undefeated after sixteen fights. I am repeating myself here, but this doesn't set me mad with excitement. I can't see Perez offering Tyson Fury much in the way of trouble, despite his recent prizefighter achievments. How likely is this fight to happen? Here is what Tyson Fury's trainer, Hughie Fury said:

An offer has been made to Perez’s team and we’re waiting to hear back from them now.

Finally, there is another candidate Fury would like to fight. He has stated on several occassions that he would like to fight this man, who like Fury is undefeated. I am talking about David Price, the Liverpudlian who has won all his eleven fights. He is a British prospect with real potential and he would give Fury a good fight. Fury loves putting a blemish on undefeated records so a fight with Price would definately appeal to him. Once again, Hughie Fury had something to say:

We also submitted an offer to David Price and are waiting to hear back.

So there we have it, four opponents that Fury could fight next. Some are admittedly more likely than others, but for the sake of a good poll all are included. Now go register your vote.