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David Price is one of Britain's best heavyweight prospects

David "Pricey" Price is a twenty eight year old undefeated heavyweight boxing out of Liverpool. He made his pro debut 28th March 2009 against David Ingleby, a thirty one year old stepping stone. Since then, he has risen in the heavy weight rankings by winning all of his eleven fights, and in just two years he is ranked #47 heavyweight in the world by Boxrec. This puts him 6th in the rankings of British heavyweights:

1 - David Haye
2 - Tyson Fury
3 - Dereck Chisora
4 - Sam Sexton
5 - Audley Harrison
6 - David Price

Fight Record

11 wins-0 Losses-0 Draws (KO 0)

As it stands, of the above list only he and Tyson Fury are undefeated and only these two have won their last five fights. Opponents wise, you can't argue that Price has had it tough. His best opponent was his most recent, twenty six year old British heavyweight Tom Dallas.

Price was originally meant to face John Mcdermott, the former English title holder. This would have been a real test for him, with Big Bad John being much more experienced. Before the fight though, McDermott was taken ill and had to pull out. Promoter Frank Maloney brought in Tom Dallas on short notice. Dalls went into the fight with Price undefeated after fifteen fights, a record that made him a respected British fighter .

From the first round, Price's punches were accurate and the fight was over swiftly. Price was too quick for Dallas, and in the second round, Dallas was counted out. Following the win, Price's name started to pop up in the media more often.

Who will Price Fight Next

There is only one thing Price will be looking for; a title shot. Tyson Fury's recent win over Dereck Chisora has opened this up for Price, because Fury has his sights set on moving onwards and upwards. It remains to be seen if he will even make a mandatory of this title, such is his ambition. Were the two to meet though, it would be a hard fought battle. I think the two would love to fight each other. Here is why:

"It's all about levels, and I'm levels above Tyson Fury."
- David Price to Undisputed Fight Mag.

"I would be looking to fight some prospects. I like taking undefeated records, to be honest. So while we are setting up a [Wladimir] Klitschko fight I won’t mind fighting Daunte Wilder, or Nazim Patrick the young Canadian champion, or David Price the Olympic Bronze Medalist."
-Tyson Fury to Boxingfutures.

Comparing the two, there are some differences that will be key. Firstly, Fury has had more fights, and more importantly, he has beaten better quality fighters. Price has never had to face someone like Dereck Chisora, and this relative inexperience will show him up in the ring if he doesn't do his homework. Secondly, Fury has two physical advantages that Price will have to deal with. Fury is one inch taller and in his Chisora fight he came in ten pounds heavier than Price's usual weight. Nevertheless, Price is a skillful fighter, one that has never endured defeat and if he meets Tyson Fury, it is sure to be a close fight.