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Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez is one of boxing's best prospects
image courtesy of slugger

Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez
20 Years Old
His Record – 18 – 0 16KO's

Mexico's history of producing top quality fighters looks set to continue with twenty year old middleweight Gilberto Ramirez Sanchez. After eighteen fights, Sanchez is still undefeated and has an impressive knockout record of 88%. Sixteen of his eighteen fights have ended with his opponent kissing the floor.

Sanchez, nicknamed “Zurdo”, has a punch that could floor a bear and since 2009 he has used it industriously, winning his first fight within a minute and not stopping for breath. In just under two years he has had eighteen fights, a record that shows he isn't going to wait around for things to happen. This figure is slightly skewered however; though he has fought eighteen times, the majority in Mazatl├ín Mexico, he has only boxed through fifty two rounds.

So far he is completely untested at going the distance. The closest he has come was his February 18th fight with thirty two year old Antonio Arras, an experienced journeyman fighter though not a tough test for Sanchez. The young prospect came through this with a knockout, though it took him eight rounds to do it.

Where Does Sanchez Go From Here?

As his level of opposition has increased, so has the amount of rounds he has had to box in. His last five fights account for 48% of his total rounds, which could show that Sanchez is slowing as he steps up his game. There is no shame in this – a better opponent will make you work harder. But Sanchez remains untested.

Two things will need to happen for the boxing world to open up to Sanchez. One; he needs to go the distance in a fight. We need to see what he is made of, how much stamina he has and how he reacts in the later rounds. It is ok to go through a career winning in the early rounds – great if you can manage it. It would be a disaster though for him to be in that situation late in his career and get rocked by tiredness. Best he find out early and learn how to deal with a fighter going to the end.

The second thing that is important for Sanchez's development is he needs to fight someone good. Sanchez has to book a fight that will get people excited and give everyone a chance to really rate him. Some good opponents for him at this stage would be:

  • Martin Murray, twenty eight year old unbeaten fighter from St. Helens
  • David Lemioux, twenty two, a former WBC International Middleweight title holder who is currently without a fight
  • Roman Karmazin, a weathered thirty eight year old who still has fight in him and would test Sanchez by fighting into the late rounds

So here we have an unbeaten twenty year old who is one of Mexico's brightest prospects. He needs a test next, and if he wins then we can begin to get excited about him. Sanchez's next fight is on September 24th at Foro Polanco, Mexico, but his opponent is yet to be named.

Have you seen Sanchez fight? What did you think, and how do you rate his chances of getting a world title?

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