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Pic from Marshall Astor
Earlier tonight, thirty eight year old heavyweight David Tua lost to journeyman Monte Barrett in Manukau City, New Zealand. It was a fight for the WBO Asia Pacific and Oriental heavyweight titles, and more importantly it was a fight meant to set Tua (52-4-2)  up for a go at the Klitschkos.

People look to Tua when they want to see action. He is known for his thunder punches and short fights, especially in his earlier career where his fights rarely went past the forth round. Tua's knock out record is excellent, with him winning forty three of his fifty eight fights by putting down his opponent.

Tua Couldn't Be Bothered

In his fight with Barrett (35-9-2), the second between the pair, Tua never got going. He seemed oblivious to the fact the fight was being scored and didn't have any drive to win it. Barrett landed all of the punches and controlled the ring, making Tua look like a puppet dragged to the fight in the hope it would lead to a future pay day. The problem is, you don't get to have the big fights without winning the little ones. Tua's corner must have mentioned this to him, because he woke up in the tenth round.

He seemed to want the fight for the first time. Now he was the one controlling the way the fight went and he began to throw some of his famous power punches. When they started to hit, Barrett looked worried. Tua continued this way, looking better now than he had all night. Finally, in the twelfth round, he managed to knock Barrett down.

In the end, it was too late to matter. Barrett beat the count and got to his feet, where he managed to stay for the rest of the fight. Tua certainly tried to finish it, throwing more and more punches at Barrett’s head, but Barrett somehow managed to avoid them. Monte Barrett won by decision.

What This Means For Tua Title Shot

Assuming Vitali or Wladimir Klitschko had even considered him for a fight before tonight, they certainly won't be now. The simple fact is Tua should have beat Monte Barrett tonight. The Klitschkos won't be interested in fighting someone who loses to a journeyman like Barrett, and signs are that Tua's star is starting to fade. He is nowhere near the fighter or the draw that he was eleven years ago when he lost to Lennox Lewis at Mandalay Bay.

The Klitschkos will move on now for a different fight. Neither will fight Tua because there isn't the money or the challenge in it. All that is left now is for Tua to decide whether to continue on and win a good run of fights, or whether to call it a day and retire with a good record but without a world heavyweight title.