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Vitali Klitschko leaves his training camp ahead of his fight with Adamek
Vitali Klitschko leaves his training camp ahead of his
fight with Tomasz Adamek

 It is reported that WBC World Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko has left his training camp ahead of a high profile fight with Tomasz Adamek to attend to a political crisis in his home country Ukraine. Despite the urgency of the situation, I wonder if this is such a wise move.

Vitalis political interests are long established and they run deep within him, and his flight home in his country's time of need is to be admired. But in Adamek, he has an opponent of real quality who is known as a brawler who does not tire. Vitali is going to need to be in absolute peak condition for this bout. You only have to look at Adamek's epic fight with Paul Briggs 21st May 2005, one of the most brutal seen in recent times, to know Adamek will not go down easily.

It is possible that Vitali's priorities are changing. For most fighters, pulling out of training leading up to such a big fight would be unthinkable. Adamek is unbeaten in thirteen fights and has only ever lost once in his career, and that was to former WBC, IBF and IBO Light Heavyweight Champion Chad Dawson. Even in that fight, Adamek managed to knock Dawson to the floor in the tenth round with a blistering straight right hand. Adamek is a strong fighter who throws a large volume of punches and has a lot of staying power. If Vitali isn't at the top of his game, he is in trouble.

So what are Vitali's priorities? Only he can say for sure. But we can look at his past to get an idea. He started his political career back in 2005, when he started an ultimately unsuccessful campaign to be the mayor of Kiev. He has remained a key supporter of Ukranian democracy, and in April 2010 became the leader of the Ukranian Democratic Alliance for Reform.

In boxing, it has long been a goal of his and his brother Wladimir to unite the heavyweight titles. They finally achieved this on 2nd July 2011 when Wladimir beat an unimpressive David Haye at the Imtech Arena, Hamburg. With this goal met, maybe Vitali is searching for a new challenge, and maybe it will be outside of the ring.

And finally...Wladimir klitschko will fight Adamek at short notice

Finally, Boxing News 24 has reported that Wladimir Klitschko is ready to step into the ring should Vitali choose not to fight. This is extremely unlikely to ever happen, and Wladimir is merely trying to take the sting out of Vitali's recent coverage. In either fight, Adamek is the underdog.