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Vitali Klitschko wants to fight David Haye
Speaking ahead of his September 10th fight with Tomasz Adamek, reigning WBC World Heavy Weight Champion Vitali Klitschko expressed an eagerness to fight David Haye. Not only that, he wants to beat the British heavyweight by knockout.

In July this year, millions watched Vitali Klitschko's brother Wladimir fight to a deserved points victory over Haye. It was the most hyped-up boxing fight in the last few years, with its appeal reaching out to boxing fans and non-boxing fans alike. Hopes for the fight were high, and the UK crowd seemed especially convinced of a David Haye victory. When the night arrived they were treated to a let-down, with Haye performing poorly and then blaming a broken toe.

For many, the Haye-Klitschko question is now closed. Haye tried, but failed, and that is the end of the matter. It seems that Vitali (42-2 39KOs) believes differently; he thinks the Klitschko family has unfinished business with Haye. He said:

"David Haye has hurt our family again. Wladimir beat him in a big fight for the world title and I am very proud. Unfortunately, the ending was missing and I would like to catch up to David Haye in the ring and put him in the dust."

Ahead of a fight with Tomasz Adamek, it is strange that Klitschko would even talk about a fight with another opponent. Especially one with a fighter his little brother soundly beat. It looks like Vitali is setting up one more fight before retirement.

He is forty years old now and he has nothing further to prove with regards to his world championship. He has held the belt since October 11th 2008 and retained it on six occasions, each one with the best heavyweight available to him at the time. If he beats Adamek in September, who is left?

There are options, yes. Very skilled boxers with a lot of potential like Aleksandr Povetkin and Robert Helenius. But there is no-one stand out, no challenger that is a cut above the rest. There is no reason for Vitali to want to defend his belt again if he can't get a great fighter to face him. Lacking a decent challenge to his WBC belt, Vitali may turn to other things.

He has political aspirations and obligations that are increasingly stealing away his attention from boxing and like many fighters before him, it won't be long before he gives in to them. To finish his boxing career on a fight with Haye would make perfect commercial sense, considering Haye's gift for promotion and massive UK appeal. Beating the cocky Englishman would also put a big beaming smile on Vitali Klitschko's face.

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