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On the 24th of September - This Saturday -Journey man Michael Sprott will fight European belt holder Alexander Dimitrenko in Hamburg, Germany and the winner may be a contender to fight a Klitschko brother. Going into the fight Sprott is the obvious underdog and there are several reasons for this.

One is the age difference between the two, with Dimitrenko still a sprightly twenty-eight, but Sprott carries thirty six years around with him. Sprott also brings with him a worse fight record. The British heavyweight has had a total of 51 fights with 36 wins (17 by K’O) and 16 losses (8 by K’O), but his younger opponent Dimitrenko has had 32 fights, 31 wins (21 by K’O) and only 1 loss by a majority decision, that coming to top-ten contender “Fast” Eddie chambers.

Going into the fight Dimitrenko has a two win streak, both by knockout and with one of those wins over former Klitschko challenger Albert Sosnowski. The experienced Michael Sprott is coming into this bout with a losing record, having given away a split decision to Tye Fields in the Prizefighter quarter final (Sprott’s second involvement in Prizefighter.)

Alexander Dimitrenko vs Michael Sprott Fight Prediction

Both fighters have advantages over each other; Dimitrenko has youth, a better record, and the fight being in Hamburg Germany, where he has most of his fights, makes it something of a homecoming. Sprott isn’t defenceless though, he has experience and the fact that he is a regular sparring partner of both Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko on his side.

Having said this I can’t see Dimitrenko having his second ever loss handed to him by someone who has had lost more than a quarter of his fights, and lost his previous fight to Tye Fields. I see Dimitrenko knocking out Sprott, as ‘Sascha’ has a decent knockout percentage. If not, he will still walk away from this fight with a unanimous decision win.

As Sprott is British I will be rooting for him to win so he can go onto receive a high payday, which will be well earnt for someone who has been knocked out eight times in his career, before finally retiring (I hope).

I am confident in my predication and if Dimitrenko gets the win he will add a decent name to his resume and most probably go onto fight a Klitschko. It is looking like his brother of choice will be Vitali, as Wladimir is set to fight Jean Marc Mormeck later this year.

How do you think this fight will end? Let me know your predictions on the Alexander Dimtrenko vs Michael Sprott fight.

How will the Alexander Dimitrenko vs Michael Sprott Fight End?
Written by Jake Wallwork

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