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IBF and WBA Super Light Welterweight champion Amir Khan believes he has what it takes to beat Floyd 'money' Mayweather, the undefeated and newly crowned WBC Welterweight champion. Ranked by many as the best pound for pound fighter in the world, Mayweather recently scored a controversial knockout win over Victor 'vicious' Ortiz.

Khan, 24, finds himself climbing the pound for pound lists after a series of impressive wins, with his most recent being a fight in which he made quick work of beating Zab Judah. Khan had beaten the likes of Paul McCloskey and Marcos Maidana, and after his next fight with Lamont Peterson, King Khan plans on moving up to the welterweight division.

There are talented fighters waiting for Khan there, but two stand above all others. I am talking of course about Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. A fight with Pacquiao has long been ruled out for Khan as the two are both under the care of legendary trainer Freddie Roach. This leaves the boxer from Bolton with one main objective: beating Floyd Mayweather. Khan said about Mayweather:

"He's kept boxing alive. I look up to him and met him a few times and he's a great guy, but to be the best you have to beat the best. And I want to be the first to beat him. In 2012 I will be ready"
Realistically Khan must look to a showdown with Mayweather toward the end of 2012. The young British star needs to find his feet in his new division before targeting the best fighter in the trade. There are plenty of men there for him as well; Jan Zaveck for instance is a capable fighter and would be good for Khan to acclimatize against. If he wants more of a challenge he could get into the ring with Andre Berto, who recently beat Zaveck, or Victor Ortiz - the man who famously wound up on the wrong end of an uncompromising one-two knockout combo from Mayweather.

Ortiz especially would be a good fight for Khan, and the match must appeal to Ortiz as well. Ortiz and his fans feel he was unfairly done to in his recent fight with Mayweather and its surprising sudden stoppage. I won't go into that - if you are a boxing fan then chances are you've heard what happened a hundred times. Suffice to say, Ortiz will want a rematch with Mayweather, and the winner of a Khan - Ortiz bout deserves a fight with Money Mayweather.

Does Mayweather want to fight Khan?

Floyd Mayweather blows hot and cold when it comes to fighting Khan. He is like a flaky mistress, sometimes seeming willing and other times giving the cold shoulder. Popular opinion is that Mayweather wants the fight - he believes he could beat Khan, and a victory over him would only bolster his already established legend.

During the build up to his fight with Ortiz, Mayweather took time away from his family disputes to discuss a fight with Amir Khan. He said:
"I've got Ortiz on my mind but I've been thinking about Khan and I've made a simple plan. I'll fight him but first he has to beat my fighter Jessie Vargas - he does that and we can talk."
We can safely discount there being any truth in Mayweather’s words - Vargas is a fighter he promotes and we know he has a long history in playing with his opponents through the media. But you can see how frustrating it must be for Khan - he doesn't know if Mayweather wants the fight or not, or if he even sees him as a worthy opponent. Don’t expect this to change soon; this is just the way Mayweather likes it.