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The heavyweight division is looking very stale these days. Not to detract from the achievements of the Klitschko brothers, but their rule at the top has strangled competition. Since Wladimir Klitschko's victory over David Haye, the brothers from Ukraine hold all the major heavyweight belts. The division needs a shake-up, and considering the excellent fights the Showtime Super Six has brought us, it would be a good idea to use the format for the heavyweight division.

What is the Super Six? (As if you didn't already know!)
The Super Six World Boxing Classic is a super middleweight tournament organised by the Showtime cable TV channel with three objectives:

  • Promote boxing on Showtime
  • Crown a unified super middleweight champion
  • Put together exciting fights that otherwise may not have happened

The organisers decided on a format that uses a series of group stages followed by a semi-final knockout phase and then the final, which is scheduled for October 29th between Andre Ward and Carl Froch. The winner of the Ward-Froch fight will hold the WBA Super, WBC and The Ring World Super Middleweight titles. There is a lot at stake.

Despite the excitement it has brought, the contest has drawn some controversy. Most notably this has been with the adjustments organisers have had to make to the format following a series of fighter injuries and withdrawals. While each of the six fighters was meant to fight three times in the group stage, in reality only Carl Froch and Arthur Abraham managed this. On the problems the tournament has faced, Andre Ward had this to say:
“Thanks for coming out. I don’t know if this tournament and The Final would be what it is if it didn’t have the bumps in the road. Difficulties make you appreciate things. It’s fortitude. Thanks to Ken Hershman. There were several times I thought it was over but then I get a call saying we’re back on."  
On the whole the tournament has been a commercial and critical success, providing some great matches and with an even more exciting final still to come. Carl Froch in particular is a fan of the contest, not surprising considering the fights and exposure it has brought him:
“Without Showtime, none of this would be happening. I defended my title, lost my title and then won it back with a masterful performance against Arthur Abraham, the best performance against him to that date and since. I have had some epic battles. That’s why I’m in boxing."
It is now time to give the heavyweight division a tournament that will dust off its dry bones and get the fans excited again. For the purposes of drama, the tournament I propose is set in 2013. The Klitschko's have retired from the sport of boxing as undefeated champions and with the IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO and The Ring belts all up for grabs, what once was a heavyweight desert is now a blooming oasis.

The Possible Contestants:
It is time to decide who would be involved. Barring the emergence of a mercurial, Tyson-like young prospect in the next year or two, the shortlist is easy to pick. Here are the candidates. Remember, this list must be whittled down to six:

  1. Aleksandr Povetkin - 22-0  15KOs
  2. Alexander Dimitrenko - 31-1  21KOs
  3. Chris Arreola - 33-2  28KOs
  4. David Haye - 25-2  28KOs
  5. Denis Boytsov - 28-0  23KOs              
  6. Eddie Chambers - 36-2  18KOs
  7. Robert Helenius - 16-0  11KOs
  8. Ruslan Chagaev - 27-2  17KOs
  9. Samuel Peter - 34-5  27KOs
  10. Tomasz Adamek - 44-1  28KOs
  11. Tyson Fury - 15-0  10KOs

So who is chosen for the heavyweight super six?
Now, there are prospects out there such as Deontay Wilder, David Price and Seth Mitchell who may well be on the outskirts of this list in the next few years. For the purposes of this tournament it is impossible to predict where they will be. None of them have fought anyone of consequence, and it is entirely possible they will crumble when they faced someone on the top level. The young fighters will have to sit this one out. It is time to choose who will take part.

Unfortunately this tournament cannot hold eleven men, so this list must be chopped down to six. Who should make it into the tournament? For a start, it is more than likely Aleksandr Povetkin will be the #1 ranked heavyweight at this time. He's in straightaway. Following him, Tomasz Adamek is included. He has already beaten Chris Arreola, he has won titles across two divisions and he is the most talented fighter on the list. The third man asked to take part is David Haye. But Haye says no and then retires, so we go for Eddie Chambers instead. The twenty nine year old has already beaten Samuel Peter and Alexander Dimitrenko and he is a worthy inclusion.

With only three left Samuel Peter is ruled out, having lost to Eddie Chambers and Robert Helenius in the past. Two undefeated prospects, Robert Helenius and Tyson Fury, are given tickets in the interests of injecting some youth into the tournament. Both men are already at a skill level where they can challenge the top ten and are likely to develop more over the next couple of years.

With only one place left Alexander Dimitrenko, Denis Boytsov, Ruslan Chagaev and Chris Arreola all shift uneasily in their seats. The tournament bosses review CVs and argue back and forth. Finally the last fighter is given a call. His name is Chris Arreola. Since his April 2010 loss to Tomasz Adamek, Arreola has been very busy, winning five fights in a less than twelve month period. He is a good addition to the tournament, though admittedly is not a favourite.

So, the final six are:
  • Alexander Povetkin
  • Tomasz Adamek
  • Eddie Chambers
  • Robert Helenius
  • Tyson Fury
  • Chris Arreola

How does This Play Out?
With the venues picked, the fighters chosen and signed up, the only thing left is the actual fighting. Ahead of us there are plenty of thrilling group stage fights, two semi finals matches and then the grand finale, where one man will be given the honour of being the new (hypothetical) undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

You can find out how this would play out in part two, which you can expect to see on Tuesday 6th September. To get this delivered to your door, follow me on Twitter or sign up to my RSS feed (check the sidebar!). If you email me at: punchbagblog@gmail.com I'll even send you a special, personal reminder to show you how much I appreciate your readership.

Talk to you soon boxingheads!

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