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A Kevin Mitchell vs Michael Katsidis rematch could happen soon
In a packed out Upton Park on May 15th 2010, Kevin Mitchell leant against the ropes, limp and with the referee's arms around him, as Michael Katsidis celebrated retaining his interim WBO World Lightweight Title. Katsidis (28-4  23KOs) had just won by third round technical knockout, but Mitchell could have no complaints; he had come ill-prepared both mentally and physically.

What went wrong for Mitchell?

Before the fight, British lightweight Mitchell (32-1  24KOs) had been the bookies favourite to win. However, before the fight even began there was a sense that something was wrong. Mitchell cut a dejected figure as he moved to ring and there was no concentration about him. After round two, Mitchell's corner men told him: “Don't run out of ideas. Keep doing what you're doing”. The trouble was, he didn't have any ideas and what he was doing was losing him a one-sided fight.

Katsidis, on the other hand, was ready for the bout and when the bell went he launched a furious and unrelenting attack. Mitchell succumbed to the barrage and went down in the third, and that was the last the boxing world would see of him for over a year.

Since that eventful night, Mitchell has admitted to having deep personal issues, most notably with spending an obscene amount of money partying. Katsidis too has had his problems. On October 19th 2010 his older brother, Stathi, was tragically found dead in his home. Katsidis' didn't take time out from this shock, choosing instead to keep on fighting. Something was wrong though, and his form slipped. He lost a month later to Juan Manuel Marquez and then straight after lost a WBA and WBO title fight to Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero.

At this point, both men's careers hung in the balance. Much to the disappointment of their fans, it looked doubtful either of the talented, popular fighters would ever get in the ring again. Added to the unhappiness of their fans, it also made the lightweight division weaker, as both were contenders for a world title.

Mitchell makes a comeback

Then, in July 2011 , Mitchell made a welcome return to the boxing ring. He managed to prevail over then undefeated John Murray in electric fight held at the Echo arena, Liverpool. After the win, the boxing world welcomed Mitchell back with open arms. Katsidis followed suit one month later, beating Mexican welterweight Michael Lozada to much fanfare. With both men back in the ring and looking in good shape, the rumours began.

The biggest story, understandably, is a Mitchell – Katsidis rematch. On Katsidis' part, the prospect of another bout with Mitchell is appealing. He loves to fight in England and relishes beating English fighters. Defeating Mitchell again would give him a chance to bolster his growing UK following.

For Mitchell, another fight with Katsidis could mean atonement and a victory would truly signal he is as good as he was before, if not better. Speaking about a rematch with Katsidis, Mitchell said:

“That's the fight I want. I want redemption after what happened to me last year. I wasn't right and I'd love a second chance.”

How likely is the Mitchell - Katsidis rematch to happen?

Firstly, Katsidis does have other options available to him. A name commonly thrown out there is Lovemore N'dou, the forty year old former boxing IBF Light Welterweight Champion. This is an attractive option for Katsidis because N'dou's name still carries some weight but should be easy to beat. Despite his other options though, it appears Katsidis would prefer a fight with Mitchell. Brendon Smith, Katsidis' manager and trainer, said :

“I have given Frank Warren a very realistic purse to try and make this fight. We are working on it and this fight will only not happen if Frank or Kevin has a change of heart.”

Due to the drama of the first fight and the popularity of both boxers, especially in the UK, this is a promoter's dream. It would certainly be an exciting bout and if both men come to the ring in top shape anything could happen.

If the pair do meet, a revitalised Mitchell should score a unanimous decision over Katsidis. Mitchell showed what talent he has when he outboxed Breidis Prescott, the twenty-eight year old Columbian who scored a devastating knockout over Amir Khan. In his last fight with Murray, Kevin Mitchell put on a superb display in a very good fight and he showed his was back to his old self. As long as he doesn't stand toe-to-toe with Katsidis, Mitchell can score a win and finally get over the lowest point in his boxing career.

Let me know what your views are on this - is it a fight you would like to see?

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