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The fans sat in the MGM Grand Arena and those watching at home were unified in disbelief as Victor Ortiz was counted out by the referee following a Floyd Mayweather knockout. It wasn't the victory that was hard to take, more the method. Floyd Mayweather's win over Victor Ortiz will go down as one of the most controversial in recent boxing history.

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The Mayweather Record is Safe

The fight started off well, with both men throwing a decent amount of punches. In the first round, Mayweather (42-0  26KOs) got the best of Ortiz and landed more shots, most of them being the Mayweather trademarked right-hand straights. Ortiz showed skill and a willingness to fight, but he was not as effective as his more experienced opponent. The opening round of the fight went to Mayweather.

Ortiz (29-3  22KOs) took some initiative in the second round and muscled Money into the ropes, where he attempted to throw an assault of combos. It started to become apparent in this round that a) this was Ortiz' game plan and b) it could actually be quite effective. Ortiz didn't inflict any major damage on Mayweather, but he did take this round. Mayweather has an amazing record when it comes to winning rounds, but round two had to go to Victor Ortiz. 

Mayweather learnt from this and in round three he controlled the pace. He kept his distance, made sure Ortiz could not throw him into the ropes, and most importantly he forced the twenty-four year old to fight at the Mayweather pace. Floyd was able to land more punches and the third went to him. So far it had been a back-and-forth fight but with Mayweather mostly keeping Ortiz under control; in round four, though, things changed.

In the beginning of the fourth round, Mayweather caught Ortiz with some good combinations and he appeared to hit home with a few hard shots. It looked like we were going to see Mayweather settle into the fight and start to completely control it, but out of nowhere Ortiz was able to muscle Floyd Mayweather into the ropes. Once there he unloaded a flurry of punches into Mayweather's face, and the undefeated champion looked worried. When he was able to get out of the defensive position, he had to viably shake his head, as though to shake of the beating. 

The same happened again later in round four, but from here things turned strange. Victor Ortiz had Floyd Mayweather against the ropes, when out of nowhere, Ortiz leaped into Mayweather's face and head butted him. This was the beginning of the end for the Mayweather – Ortiz fight.

Mayweather vs Ortiz: A Fight to Forget
Months and months in the planning, but only four rounds in the execution, this fight serves as a bad advertisement for the sport of boxing. Two main issues arise here – poor sportsmanship and lacklustre refereeing. Let's have a look at the incidents that made this a fight we want to forget:

1) Victor Ortiz Head butts Floyd Mayweather
This was an unsporting blow that was a shock to everyone, coming as it did at a time when Ortiz was getting the better of Mayweather. Watching the replays, the head butt does not look like an accident.

Ortiz, when interviewed after the fight, had this to say:
“I was going back and he pushed me a little bit”.
This does not seem to hold true with the events as we saw them – Ortiz did not simply move forward and catch Mayweather with his head; he actually had to leap up into his face.

2) Mayweather Takes a Cheap Shot
Following the inexplicable head butt, Ortiz was deducted a point by referee Joe Cortez. Victor accepted it, and he and Mayweather walked to the centre of the ring. Victor leaned over to Floyd, whispered an apology into his ear. Mayweather responded by throwing two powerful punches into Ortiz' unprepared and unguarded face. Ortiz could not beat the count.

Whilst legal (Ortiz was knocked out two minutes and fifty-nine seconds into round four), the winning shots taken by Floyd were extremely unsporting and not befitting a boxing champion. When interviewed after the fight, Floyd had no apologies. He said:
“Protect yourself at all times.”
3) Joe Cortez is Blind to the Action
A third factor to add to the display of inadequacy that was the Mayweather – Ortiz fight was the poor referring of Joe Cortez. At the end of round four, when Mayweather's punches were thrown, Cortez is seen to have his eyes elsewhere; he wasn't even looking at the fighters. Subsequently, he did not judge the punches unfair and controversially decided to count Ortiz out.

All in all, this was a fight that did not go anywhere near to living up to its hype. The early rounds were good – Ortiz looked like he was going to give Mayweather a tough match – but in the end all three men in the ring ruined the fight for the fans. Victor Ortiz, Floyd Mayweather and Joe Cortez all had their part to play in a million-dollar fight that, in retrospect, wasn't worth the fifteen pounds pay-per-view price.

"If he [Ortiz] wants a rematch he can get a rematch".
-Floyd Mayweather when asked about the fairness of his final punches.

Despite Mayweather's assurances though, a rematch does not look realistic. He has been drifting away from a proposed super-fight with Manny Pacquiao for years now, and he will not be able to avoid it for much longer. Unfortunately for Ortiz, Mayweather's course takes him far away from a rematch. He can have no complaints though - his head butt turned the fight on its head and kick-started the debacle we, the viewers, had to endure.