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Following his hard-fought knockout win over ex-WBO World Champion Siarhei Liakhovich on August 27 2011, Robert Helenius has been touted as a possible opponent for one of the Klitschko brothers. Despite the post-fight speculation, a match between Helenius (16-0  11KOs) and either of the Klitschkos will not happen soon. Helenius himself expressed doubts over an immediate match-up:

“Yeah, I’m not sure if I’m really ready for that yet. Maybe one or two or three fights maybe, just to make my confidence a little bit higher and to work on my stamina a little more maybe.”
Taking Helenius at his word and assuming he doesn’t fight one of the Klitschkos next, I am going to look through the possible opponents he should face and how I feel those fights would end.

Robert Helenius vs Tyson Fury 
A title eliminator match between Tyson Fury (16-0  11KOs) and Robert Helenius would bring excitement for the fans for more reasons than one. Aside from the obvious point that the winner would get a Klitschko date, it would be a fight between two boxers with undefeated records, good knockout power (especially Helenius), a love for fighting on the inside and a certain sluggishness. If a bout were to materialize it would promise to be very close and very entertaining.

Both fighters have good potential. Helenius’ best victories have come from Samuel Peter, Siarhei Liakhovich and Lamon Brewster. With Fury’s toughest opponent being Dereck “Del Boy’ Chisora, it is obvious that Helenius has the better CV than the Brit. We can look beyond their past records here though; the two have a bit of history.

Fury has said before that he beat Robert Helenius in sparing. If this is to be believed, his odds go up for this fight. Helenius, though, is no sparring slouch himself and rumor has it he sparred with David Haye, and performed so well Haye immediately stopped sparring and kicked over a bin (probably what broke his toe).

If Fury doesn’t improve his defense then, like in his fights with Chisora and Firtha, he will be very easy to hit, and unfortunately Helenius hits a lot harder than Fury’s recent adversaries. In this instance the fight would most likely end in an Helenius knockout win. I would only hope that the warning sign of getting wobbled by two out-of-shape fighters may be enough to make Fury and his trainer work harder on his defense. I would choose him over Helenius if he improved his guard.

Robert Helenius vs Aleksandr Povetkin 
On the same August evening that Helenius beat Liakhovich, undefeated Aleksandr Povetkin (22-0  15KOs)  fought Ruslan Chagaev for the “Regular” WBA world title. It may not be considered as a real world belt, but having won that fight by a unanimous decision Povetkin is a technically a Heavyweight champion of the world. With both heavyweights starring on the same card, it would make sense that the two winners would fight each other in a WBA title fight. Sadly, the WBA seems to have other, more ridiculous, plans.

Evander Holyfield has emerged as the contender for Poevtkin’s newly won WBA crown, and it looks like Povetkin has chosen to have his first defense against the almost 50 year old Evander Holyfield, rather than defending his new belt against the Nordic Nightmare. Most fans would prefer to see Povetkin fight Helenius, and this is the bout Povetkin should choose if he is to earn the respect of fight fans.

In the middle rounds of the Povetkin vs Chagaev bout, Chagaev caught Povetkin with a few decent punches and for a minute it looked like he may cause an upset. ‘White Tyson’ Chagaev isn’t known for his big punches, so if he can hurt Povetkin - a younger, bigger fighter with a more powerful punch – then a fighter with more strength like Helenius should be able to stop Alexander Povetkin in the later rounds.

Robert Helenius vs Ruslan Chagaev 
If Helenius wants to keep up his streak of beating ex-world champions who are past their best, then a fight with Ruslan Chagaev (27-2  17KOs) would make sense. Two of the three ex-world champions that Robert Helenius beat had lost their previous bout before facing him, so fits right into this category . It would also make sense in the fact that it would gain Helenius experience and add another well-known name to his CV.

A prime Chagaev would beat Helenius by a decision, but with the Uzbekistan southpaw being older than he was when he gave Sugar Nikolai Valuev his first defeat, fighting a young power puncher like Helenius would be too much. The course of the fight would be pretty much the same as the Peter and Liakhovich fights that Helenius had. The scorecards may have Helenius loosing at the time but towards the end of the fight Chagaev would run out of energy and become the Nordic Nightmare’s 17th K’O victim.

Robert Helenius vs Tyson Fury - the most entertaining fight

Robert Helenius vs Aleksandr Povetkin - the most unrealistic fight, with Povetkin looking like he doesn’t want to fight anyone who may pose him any threat.

Robert Helenius v Ruslan Chagaev - the most realistic of the three should Chagaev choose to fight on.

Over to You – Who should Helenius fight next?

Written by Jake Wallwork (@WallworkJake on Twitter)

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