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“I got punished for what I did but he did not get punished for what he did.”
That is how Victor Ortiz said he felt about the premature ending of his fight with Floyd Mayweather last night. To me that is quite strange because Mayweather did nothing illegal, but before people call me a Money fan let it be known that I am not. I am just stating the obvious that so many people seem to have overlooked.

Ortiz deliberately head butted the undefeated pound for pound king and had a point deducted for his troubles. He then made the biggest mistake of all by not protecting himself in the centre of the ring, leaving Mayweather free to take two punches and knock Ortiz out.

The head butt should have never happened but let’s think about why Ortiz decided to leap up and make his opponent taste his forehead. Firstly, Mayweather was clearly in control of the fight and must have been ahead on all the judges’ scorecards. Every time the younger Ortiz tried to put the slick veteran under pressure the six-time champion bounced back. This must have frustrated Ortiz, as he could not find a way to dominate his opponent. So he decided to use his head. 

This was ironic considering that the fighter known as “Vicious” has been talking for the past few weeks about what a dirty fighter Mayweather is. I don’t think Ortiz is a dirty fighter but he let his frustrations get the better of him. He then realised what he had done and became very apologetic by asking for the angry champion to forgive him twice. There was no need for a second apology, and this was a rookie mistake. In short. Ortiz messed up and was punished by someone who has been around the block a few times.

Was Mayweather right to knockout Victor Ortiz when he did?

Is there a need for a Mayweather vs Ortiz rematch?

Looking at how Mayweather was dominating the fight I do not see why they should meet again. I believe it is time that Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao set a date for the fight fans have been waiting for.

No offence to Ortiz, who I believe will be world champion again, but the super fight has been long over due. After Pacquiao’s fight against Juan Manuel Marquez in November, a Mayweather – Pacquiao match should be the next route for the pound for pound kings.

Ortiz on the other hand should look to rebuild. At 24 he can still be a great champion.

By: Cyril Lehong (@That320boy on Twitter)