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Talented Irish Middleweight Andy Lee threw a big gremlin off his back last night when he scored a dominant unanimous decision over his rival, and the only man to beat him, Texan-born Brian Vera. The crowd at the Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, were treated to an exciting fight but the bout looked like it belonged to Andy Lee from the beginning.

Andy Lee and Brian Vera have met before, of course, and it is their history that made this fight such a draw. The two first fought in 2008, back when Andy Lee was a boxing prospect but still lacked ring experience. Vera at the time had only one loss to his record and his career looked like it could go either way.

Lee, regarded as the most talented of the two boxers, controlled the fight early on showing a good jab from his southpaw stance and followed it up with a tough left hand shots. After taking the first few rounds on points, Lee started to ebb and Brian Vera found himself back in the fight. For another topsy-turvy five rounds the match went back and forth, resulting finally in a surprising win for underdog Brian Vera. It was an excellent fight for boxing fans to watch.

Andy Lee Does it Differently Against Brian Vera This Time
Andy Lee's flaw in his last fight with Brian Vera was the fact he allowed himself to get drawn into a slugger's fight. This played right into Vera's hands, practically handing the brawler victory in a neat package, tied with a pink bow. This time round, Lee showed maturity and avoided making the same mistakes.

For the whole ten rounds Lee kept his range, prodded Vera away from him with his jab and waited patiently for opportunities to land big punches. It worked, because from the opening rounds Vera looked ineffective; Lee just wasn't giving him anything. Lee took round after round, and toward the end Vera's frustration showed. He began to throw hit-and-hope combinations, getting no success but tiring himself out for the effort.

The final bell rang and Andy Lee sank to his knees. Both he and the boxing crowd knew straight away that he had won; he had finally attained redemption over his only professional loss. Things look very good for Andy Lee, and a world title shot must surely be close by.

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