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Later this year on the 5th of November, Dereck’ Del Boy’ Chisora will be fighting again on the undercard of the Ricky Burns Vs Michael Katsidis fight at the Wembley Arena London. Chisora was widely outpointed back in July when he lost his BBBofC British Heavy weight title to Tyson Fury in a battle of the unbeaten British Heavyweights. His opponent, Larry ‘The War Machine’ Olubamiwo fought earlier this year and like Dereck Chisora lost the fight, but unlike Chisora, he was knocked out in the first round by ‘Big’ John McDermott.

So, going into the fight at the end of this year, both boxers are coming from a loss where they were the favorites. They are both looking to revitalize their careers and get back to winning ways. For Larry, a loss to Chisora will be his third, and with two other losses to opponents such as John McDermott, and Daniil Peretyatko it would probably be the end of the road for the War Machine's career.

For Chisora, a second loss will almost do the same, there’s no shame in losing to Fury, who has proved to be one of the best prospects in Heavyweight boxing. But there might be shame in losing to someone who has just lost to a guy who Fury has beat twice already (Olubamiwo lost to McDermott who Fury beat.)

Dereck Chisora vs Larry Olubamiwo Prediction

Olubamiwo has a lot of power which, if he hits Chisora cleanly, could cause an upset. However you don’t have to be a boxing expert to spot the defensive mistakes Olubamiwo makes when boxing. It’s okay to make these errors against opposition who have had more losses than wins, but going in against someone who has a lot of experience and some skills (John McDermott), it was only a matter of time before somebody came along and punished ‘The War Machine’ for his defensive lapses.

I don't think the fight will go the full 10 rounds. Like he always does, Larry Olubamiwo will come rushing out at the start of the first round looking for a knockout and trying to put Del Boy under pressure. He may also have improved his defense slightly but Dereck Chisora is a better boxer than John McDermott so unless there is a vast change in Larry’s defense then all I can see is an re-enactment of the Olubamiwo/McDermott bout.

It will be a fun fight to watch while it lasts, and the two will fight at a very high pace with both throwing power punches left, right, and center. Either Chisora will stop Larry because of the defensive flaws he makes once again, or the fight will be a lot closer than I expect, and one of the fighters will get stopped due to poor stamina (most likely The War Machine.)

The only chance Olubamiwo has of winning is if he improves a hell of a lot from when he last saw him get blown out of the ring by big John McDermott and outboxes Chisora with his new found skills, or Chisora loses all of his confidence from his career first defeat and simply can’t perform the way he used to in the ring. However both options are highly unlikely.

What’s next for the winner of the Dereck Chisora v Larry Olubamiwo fight?

I think the first thing Chisora will want to do if he beats Olubamiwo is to avenge his first and only defeat, so he could either become Fury’s mandatory challenger for his British titles, or Fury could offer him the rematch off his own back due to it being a rematch that will attract public interest.

For Olubamiwo, the same applies. If I were him and I just shocked the British boxing fans by beating Del Boy Chisora the first thing I would do is try and get a rematch with John McDermott who embarrassed me by blasting me out of the ring within minutes. If he beats both Chisora and McDermott then he should become an immediate mandatory challenger for the British belts held by Tyson Fury. So a Fury/Olubamiwo match would be in the works, but this is a big ask for The War Machine to get past Dereck Chisora.

Final Word on the  Dereck Chisora v Larry Olubamiwo Fight

I think Olubamiwo was a hyped up Heavyweight who was viewed as a good prospect because of his ability to stop boxers who have more losses than wins in the first round. But when he fought John McDermott, reality kicked in to the British boxing fans, and to Olubamiwo himself. He now knows he can’t just go knocking everyone out in the first round while leaving himself wide open for punches. So this may urge him to improve his skills, but like I said in the prediction, Chisora is by far the best opponent he will have faced so far and his skills would have had to improve by a wide margin if he has any chance of even looking like an upset is on the cards.

I also think reality kicked in for Chisora when he was outboxed by Tyson Fury, and he will learn that he should always come into his fights in good condition and mentality prepared with a game plan in mind. So he should be too much for Larry Olubamiwo to handle, and should stop him before the halfway mark of the fight.

Post Script
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Written by Jake Wallwork (@WallworkJake on Twitter)