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Anthony Mundine is a great example of the Jekyll and Hyde characters you can find in boxing. On the one hand, he is a much-loved Australian sports personality, winning the The Deadlys award for sports personality of the year three times and being named Aboriginal person of the year in 2000. On the other, he is an outspoken critic of American foreign policy, viewed with suspicion in the States and Australia after some ill-advised 9/11 comments. 
“They call it an act of terrorism, but if you can understand religion, and our way of life, it’s not about terrorism. It’s about fighting for God’s law, and America’s brought it upon themselves”.
Mundine has always defended his statement by explaining that most people in the media are 'yes men' and overly-conscious of their latest public relations score. Mundine does not want to say things he does not believe just because it would make him popular. The effect of this is that Mundine often ostracises himself from the boxing media and fans, and with every interview he seems to push the boxing community further away.

Anthony Mundine Beats Rigoberto Alvarez 

On October 19th 2011, Mundine beat Rigoberto Alvarez via a unanimous points decision to claim the interim WBA World Lightweight title, as well as a chance to fight WBA World Champion Austin Trout. Mundine started the fight with a furious determination, and took the opening round with ease. With his hunger, though, came over confidence and he left himself open for Alvarez to score some effective punches. Mundines' defensive lapses cost him a few rounds, but as the fight wore on he began to take control. In the end, Mundine's determination won him the fight.

With this he became the WBA's mandatory challenger, an honour he has definitely earned. At the end of the fight, Mundine saw fit to bring up his 9/11 statements again, showing that he cannot let the matter lie. He said:
"Get on to the American people. They're blacklisting me. I'm telling you they're blacklisting me because of the September 11 comment,"
If Mundine wanted his statements to be forgotten, it would be prudent to stop bringing them up at every opportunity. However, a cynical mind could suggest that it makes good business sense to keep a controversy burning. It certainly lends moire fame to Mundine's name, and it also sets him up as a heel in America., Some of the American boxing fans would love to see Mundine beaten by a good old American boy such as Austin Trout, and they would pay good money to see it.

Anthony Mundine is becoming a heel in America
Anthony Mundine vs Austin Trout Fight

Anthony Mundine is now the mandatory challenger for twenty-six year old Austin Trout's WBA Light Middleweight title. Trout, who goes by the name of No Doubt, is undefeated after twenty three fights and is one of the most popular American boxers. His fight sheet isn't star studded – his best wins have been over Rigoberto Alvarez, who Mundine just beat, and David Lopez, the former Latino champion.

Trout will find two-time former world champion Anthony Mundine much harder work than anyone else he has faced. It will be a good test of the undefeated champion's abilities, and perhaps it could be called his first real test. Trout himself seems keen to fight Mundine:
“This is very premature, but we're also having talks with HBO about a January fight with none other than the big mouth Anthony Mundine”.
Despite Trout's apparent enthusiasm for the fight, Mundine still feels Trout will try and duck him. He said:
"They are talking a good game. If he ducks me, I am champion. I have won an interim title so, if he ducks me, I get his belt.”
It seems likely the fight will happen early 2012 in America. Trout still has an upcoming match with Frank LoPorto on November 11th, where he will defend his WBA title. LoPorto's record is 15-4-2 and he should not present any significant challenge to No Doubt, so the danger of him derailing a Mundine vs Trout match is slim.

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