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Written by Jake Wallwork 

** Read about a possible Dereck Chisora Robert Helenius rematch here **

This year has been the worst of Dereck ‘Del boy’ Chisora’s career. First he had two fights with unified Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko scheduled, only for both  to be cancelled. Then, in July, he suffered his first defeat in his boxing career when he was outboxed by Tyson Fury.

Robert ‘The Nordic Nightmare’ Helenius has had an outstanding year. He won knockout victories against ex-world champions Samuel Peter and Sergio Liakhovich and put himself in the heavyweight top-five. He is considered by some boxing fans as the man to not only beat the Klitschko’s, but knock them out in the same brutal fashion we saw when he stopped Lamon Brewster, Sergio Liakhovich and Samuel Peter.

The Fury - Chisora fight was a watershed in both fighter's careers.

Dereck Chisora vs Robert Helenius

The fight is for the vacant EBU Heavyweight title, but there is more than a European belt at stake. A win for Chisorsa woulld turn an awful year into his best one yet and give him a chance to face Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko. The 'Nordic Nightmare' is also looking to get a date with one of the Ukranian brothers.

For Chisora, fighting the likes of Robert Helenius will earn him experience at the top level of the division and will be a good warm up for a Klitschko brother fight. Helenius is a big man, mobile for his height and a big puncher.

Chisora has Leap Frogged Tyson Fury
Most British boxing fans will have seen Chisora lose for the first time against fellow unbeaten prospect Tyson Fury. Since the defeat, Chisora and his trainer Don Charles have come out with all sorts of excuses. For example: ‘My fighter was out of shape’ and ‘Dereck had a Hernia’. Chisora was indeed out of shape, but he had himself to blame for that. Unles he is trying to tell us he is 'big-boned'.

Dereck Chisora was out of shape against Tyson Fury

The loss hasn't done Chisora's career much harm. While Fury is struggling to get past fighters a level below Chisora (Firtha and Pajkic), 'Del Boy' is fighting in a bout that is an unofficial title eliminator. So Chisora has leap frogged Fury in similar fashion  to James DeGale's step over George Groves when he lost for the first time as a professional.

If Dereck Chisora beats Robert Helenius, his loss to Tyso Fury will be the best thing that has happened to him.

My Prediction for Chisora vs Helenius
Helenius is expected to knock out Dereck Chisora in the same way he did Samuel Peter, but I think Chisora has a chance. Boxing fans are predicting him to be beaten, so he will go into the fight with a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude. Chisora is the faster and more skilled fighter of the two,  has decent power, and from what I saw in the second Sam Sexton fight, he has a good work-rate when in shape.

I still have my doubts though. Chisora is known for being unmotivated for big fights (like against Tyson Fury), and while I was watching Chisora’s latest fight against journeyman Remigijus Ziausys, Ziausys landed too many clean punches.

Chisora was lucky that he was taking the punches of a boxer who was 5'10" and only weighed 204 pounds. If he were to get hit flush in the face by the  6'6" Robert Helenius, who weighs more than Wladimir Klitschko, he would struggle to hear the final bell.

The fight will go one of two ways. Chisora will avoid Helenius’ big punches and get a points victory. Or Helenius will wear Chisora down like he did in his most recent fight against Liakhovich and earn the12th knockout victory of his career. If I had to pick a winner I would choose Helenius, based on his experience at a higher level and Chisora’s lack of it.

Chisora vs Helenius is a Must-Watch
I'm excited by this fight. It will be interesting to see how both boxers have improved from their previous bouts and it is a must-win for both Helenius and Chisora. If Helenius loses then it puts an end to his current form of beating respected fighters. If Chisora is beaten it will be his second loss of the year and he would have to do a lot more than beat a journeyman to get back into such a good position.

With the lack of competition in the heavyweight division these days, I would be happy to watch the winner of this fight face Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko.

Who do you pick, Helenius or Chisora? Let me know what you think of this heavyweight contender match up.

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