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Ricky Burns outboxed Michael Katsidis last night in a twelve-round fight that saw him claim the interim WBO Lightweight title. In the Wembley Arena, the twenty eight year old Scot won the biggest match of his boxing career to date.

Burns' and Katsidis' Recent Form

Prior to the fight, Burns had a very successful run as the WBO Super featherweight Champion. He won the title from Roman Martinez in September 2010 and kept up with his title defences, fighting off three challengers to the belt. His latest defence was against fellow Brit Nicky Cook, who Burns was able to beat by first round technical knockout.

Burns begin to find it increasingly difficult to make the weight in the super featherweight division, and the demands it put on his body prompted him to make the move up to Lightweight. Big challenges await him there, and his first was Michael Katsidis; a thirty one year old former world champion who loves to brawl.

Katsidis has fought in thirty three fights in a career that started ten years ago in Queensland, Australia, with a third round knockout and has seen him beat the likes of Jesus Chavez and Kevin Mitchell. Katsidis suffered a personal tragedy last year, and his boxing form took a turn for the worse when he lost two fights in a row. In August this year though, Katsidis was able to recover and he dispatched Mexican welterweight Michael Lozada by an impressive third round knockout.

The Fight

Burns started well and won all the opening rounds. He looked fresher than Katsidis and the Aussie was only able to have any effect on the fight when it got to round five - the first one you could clearly say he won. 

For Burns, this was a tough introduction to the Lightweight division. Katsidis tried to play to his strengths and at times during the fight he was able to physically dominate the Rickster. Burns' technically skill showed as he was able to counter some of Katsidis' bigger attempts at landing punches and he did enough to score a point win. Although it was in no way one-sided, Burns' unanimous decision has proven he can compete in his new division.

Katsidis showed tremendous energy and never stopped bringing the fight to Burns, but he was shown up by the Scot's skill. He was more effective and more accurate. Burns won the fight 117-112, 117-111 and 117-111.

What Next For Burns and Katsidis?

Katsidis' form sheet doesn't look good. He had lost three of his last five fights and it seems that a top three spot in the division is beyond him. He is an exciting, strong and relentless boxer who will go on to have a few more high profile fights and he may even snatch another title if the right fight is set up. This is as far as he can hope to get.

Burns looks like he is only just peaking and with this win, if there are any must-watch fighters in the lightweight division then he is one of them. The Scot is going to see his profile in Britain explode and the extra attention he gets will give him more bargaining power in his next fight. Expect to see rumours of him fighting Brandon Rios or Robert Guerrero in the future.