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Written by Jake Wallwork

Tyson Fury and Neven Pajkic both have unbeaten records
For the first time in his professional career, Tyson "2 fast" Fury will fight in his birth place of Manchester, UK. Not only will he be fighting there but he will be the main event of the fight card. Also on the card, making his professional debut, is Chris Eubank Jr.

Tyson Fury will be fighting Neven ‘No surrender’ Pajkic in a twelve round match that isn’t expected to go the distance. The fight is very marketable as both fighters have unbeaten records (Fury – 16 wins 11 K’O’s. Pajkic 16 wins 3 K’O’s.) Fury is the British Heavyweight champion and Pajkic is the Canadian Heavyweight champion, and both fighters have had bad words to say about each other, with each vowing to retire should they lose.

Saying he will retire if he loses is nothing new for Fury; he said the same thing when fighting John McDermott (twice), Nicolai Firtha and Dereck Chisora. But Fury has gone one better this time. He has not only said he will retire if he loses, but he will retire if Pajkic makes the fight competitive. If Fury had said the same thing for his last fight against Nicolai Firtha then he probably wouldn’t be fighting this weekend.

When asked why he will retire if Pajkic gives him a good fight Fury said:
“If Pajkic even gives me a good fight, I’ll retire, how’s that? If he even gives me a tidy fight, I’ll retire, because I’m going nowhere. If a guy like Pajkic can even come close to me, that’s a promise. If he gives me any sort of a fight at all, I’ll retire. And I’ll swear to God in Jesus’s name, yeah, if he gives me a good fight, I’ll retire, because I must be useless if I can’t knock him out. “
Some boxing fans might think this is a weird statement for Fury to make but I think it makes sense - if someone who only has 3 KO’s from 16 victories, who hasn’t got an outstanding skill level, can trouble him then he has no chance against the Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko.

Tyson Fury will retire if he loses to Neven Pajkic

Tyson Fury v Nevan Pajkic Prediction
Even though this is a marketable fight, it isn’t going to be competitive at all. I can’t see any way that Pajkic can pull off the upset. Fury would be able to easily outbox him from behind the jab and occasionally throwing a straight right hand or left hook, much like Wladimir Klitschko. Or if the fight becomes the type where both fighters are looking for a knockout then I can only see Fury getting that. Fury has more power in his punches, throws more punches, and has a better chin than Pajkic.

I think the fight will end in a knockout because in the buildup Fury has mentioned that Pajkic has said some bad words about his family. This will make family-man Fury even more determined to look for the killer punch and in my opinion he will get it in less than five rounds.

I choose Fury by knockout before the halfway mark of the fight.

Where Do Fury and Pajkic Go From There?
After this I will expect Fury to get a world title shot against the Povetkin/Boswell winner. Povetkin and Fury should both win their next fight and meet in the early part of next year in a much anticipated Heavyweight clash.

Pajkic will be happy that he has received his highest payday to date and will make a bit of a name for himself by being known as ‘the guy who Tyson Fury fought the other week’, and will probably continue to fight in Canada.

Let me know what you think of this fight - will it be a Tyson Fury walkover?

Written by Jake Wallwork (@WallworkJake on Twitter)