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What are the biggest achievements you can earn in boxing? Well, the pinnacle of any amateur boxer's career is an Olympic gold medal, and in the professional ranks every fighter wants to be a world champion.

With his August win over Ruslan Chagaev, Alexander Povetkin has achieved both and will make his first WBA Heavyweight title defence in a fight on December 3rd, three weeks before he is due to send his Christmas list to Santa.

Povetkin’s opponent is the forty-three year old veteran Cedric ‘The Boz’ Boswell. In a seventeen year career, this is Boswell’s first ever major title fight and he was picked above future Hall of Famer, soon-to-be-retired Evander Holyfield and nearing-forty-years old Hasim Rahman. Povetkin has rightly been criticized for his choice of ‘old’ opponents. Alexander Povetkin vs Cedric Boswell is a youth vs age mismatch.

Alexander Povetkin vs Cedric Boswell: Povetkin looks for an easy defence

Is this Cedric Boswell’s Last Throw of the Dice?

Judging by his age, the answer is yes. Considering it took seventeen years for Boswell and his promoters to get his first title shot, if he loses against Povetkin he might have to wait till his sixtieth birthday before his next. And I’m sure Boswell doesn’t plan on fighting that long. Add to this the Klitschkos holding every other belt at heavyweight and it is now or never if Cedric Boswell wants to be world champion.

By no means is Boswell a soft opponent with no hope, but he is approaching his mid-forties and has never been tested against good opposition. There are better fighters out there who had a clear schedule for December 3rd, such as Chris Arreola and Denis Boytsov, so fight fan's criticisms of Alexander Povetkin's choice of opponent are understandable.

If Alexander Povetkin follows Cedric Boswell with defences against the likes of Holyfield and Rahman then you can expect a bucket load of flames to be thrown his way.

Alexander Povetkin vs Cedric Boswell Prediction

AlexanderPovetkin is a 1/10 betting favourite going into this fight and he is expected to win without trouble. I also think Povetkin will be the victor on Saturday night in Helsinki, but you can't write Boswell off. Here is why.

Cedric Boswell stands at 6'3" and Povetkin is an inch shorter, so ‘The Boz’ has a minor plus in height. Boswell also has a six inch reach advantage over Povetkin which could cause the champion problems if Boswell decides to fight with his jab and stay out of range. But Boswell doesn't have the impenetrable jab of the Klitschkos, so if Povetkin uses his brain he should be able to get past it.

The advantage that Boswell had over opponents in his past fights (speed and a good jab) should be neutralised by Povetkin’s superior boxing skills.

Alexander Povetkin vs Cedric Boswell Prediction: Povetkin will take a wide points decision over Boswell.

Teddy Atlas (right) is Povetkin's (left) trainer and has taught him the  'peak a boo' style famously used by Iron Mike Tyson. This will serve Povetkin well vs Cedric Boswell.

What Should Alexander Povetkin Should Do Next?

To get respect from the boxing fan-base Povetkin needs to fight a dangerous puncher like Robert Helenius, or if he's feeling really risky, step into the ring with a Klitschko brother. Alexander Povetkin vs Cedric Boswell is not a headline grabber and doesn't feel at all dangerous for the WBA champion.

I don't think Povetkin wants to step into the ring with Wladimir/Vitali Klitschko or Robert Helenius yet, but I don’t expect him to stoop low and fight Holyfield or Rahman either. He will go somewhere in the middle and fight Tyson Fury, the British heavyweight who has expressed interest in fighting Povetkin on St Patrick’s day in 2012.

 If he did this I would have no complaints; Fury is a decent puncher and the fight would be entertaining. The same cannot be said for this Saturday in Helsinki, but I will still be watching to see if Alexander Povetkin can beat Cedric Boswell and remain the WBA Regular Heavyweight Champion of the World. 

Will you be watching the fight? Let me know your thoughts on Alexander Povetkin vs Cedric Boswell.