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Written by Ian Wallwork

Andre Ward dominates Carl Froch to win the Super Six tournament.

We've waited two years to find out who is the best super middleweight and the answer is Andre Ward. He put on a master class last night to take the WBC and WBA world titles, outboxing a determined, but not good enough, Carl Froch.

Ward had always been the favourite. He is quicker and a better boxer than Froch, so good that he is expected to be at the top of the pound for pound lists one day. Last night he moved one step closer.

I have to admit, I got it wrong. I had a late round Froch KO in a similar way to his desperate knockout win over Jermain Taylor, where he won the fight with 47 seconds to go. 

Froch Gave Ward a Secret Weapon

Ward was too good in the end. He was always on the move, never giving Froch chance to settle. The Cobra wanted to keep Ward rooted in one place so he could land power shots but Ward was wise to it. He used his speed to disrupt Froch and turned his own style against him.

Froch likes to keep his guard so low that his face is a big, pink target. He likes to rely on his gut reactions to duck away from incoming shots, a tactic that will get harder as Froch gets older. Last night it was his undoing. Ward was allowed to land his left hook on Froch's face whenever he wanted. It was like he was given free points.

After all the build up the final of showtimes super six tournament, the final was not as explosive as you would have hoped for. It was a good fight, but we didn't get any drama. Instead we were given a virtuoso performance for Andre Ward.

Based on his performances in the tournament we have a future pound for pound king. Over the last two years, Ward has beaten Arthur Abraham, Mikkel Kessler, Sakio Bika and Allan Green. They are the best of the super middleweight division and all of them have fought for world titles. None of them gave Ward a tough fight. 

Andre Ward will take home the Super Six trophy.

Ward v Froch: The Stats

Let's have a look at how the judges scored it. I gave Froch three rounds, and even those were close. In the rounds I gave him, Froch was busier and had he kept up that level of activity from the start he would have given Ward a fight. Two of the judges were kinder than me. Here's what they thought:

115-113 Ward

115-113 Ward

118-110 Ward

Ward won by unanimous decision, but two of the judges watched a different fight from the third. Who is right here? The guys who had it close, or the judge who saw Ward destroy Froch? Many of us watching at home fell in the middle; we saw Ward win convincingly, but Froch took a few of the rounds. The Compubox stats from last night back up this up.

The punch stats show that Froch was the busier fighter, throwing more jabs and power punches than both Ward and the super middleweight division average. Despite that, Ward landed more. He took the fight by being the most accurate fighter.

The Future for Andre Ward and Carl Froch 

Unlike most of the fights we've watched lately, like Khan vs Peterson, this one was decisive. Ward beat Froch so well that there is no need for a rematch and there is no-one to shout 'Robbery!'. 

Froch and Ward are two men with different career paths ahead of them.

Andre Ward

Ward is a tricky one. He's beaten nearly all the top fighters in his weight class, so there isn't much for him to do. He could set up fights with IBF champion Lucian Bute or WBO belt holder Robert Stieglitz and try to unify the division. A Ward - Bute fight is appealing and I would give Bute a good chance, better than Froch. Stieglitz wouldn't be much of an opponent for Ward.

If he's bored with super middleweight he could move up to light heavyweight where there are fresh challenges waiting. Guys like B-Hop, Jean Pascal and Tavoris Cloud are all good names to have on a boxing CV. Cloud would give Ward a great fight - he's young, a champion and undefeated. One '0' must go.

Carl Froch

I don't know what Froch is going to do. At thirty-four he isn't shot but he's at an age where he should consider retirement. Showtime has given him exposure and made him rich, so Froch could afford to leave the sport. If he has concrete goals then he should box on. But he shouldn't keep going for the sake of it. You only have to see Roy Jones Jr trundle on to know it is better to retire with dignity.

It Froch decides to carry on, then he should go after Stieglitz. There is a good fight for the two of them and Froch would win. He's already show that he doesn't mind fighting away from home, so a good way for Froch to bounce back would be to go to Germany and take the WBO title from Stieglitz's backyard. That's assuming he keeps it after defences against Henry Weber and Mikkel Kessler early next year.

Whatever he decides to do, Froch can look on his performance over the last two years and be proud.

Now its over to you. I don't think there's much debate to be had from last nights decision, but let know what you thought of the fight.

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