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Written by Jake Wallwork

Mariusz Wach vs Tye Fields: Battle of the giants

Rumour has it 6'7" heavyweight prospect Mariusz ‘The Viking’ Wach will fight fellow giant Tye ‘Sky High’ Fields in 2012, most likely on ESPN’S Friday night fights. This is good news for fans of heavyweight action.

Fields (49-4 44KOs) has been exposed as a big puncher with few technical skills, and Wach (26-0 14KOs) is in danger of following the same path. In fighting Fields he is going to want to send a message out that he can box, and he isn't just size and power. Is Fields the right choice of opponent to prove you have decent skills? No - just about every boxer who knows the basics should look like Rocky Marciano when they fight Fields.

Wach, 32, is going to want to win and look good doing so. This could put a lot of pressure on him and how well he responds will show us what kind of fighter he is.

Considering Fields is a well-known name amongst the hardcore fans, this is a decent fight for Wach. Its not going to get him a lot of respect and won't improve his ranking massively, but at the least a good win over Fields will keep boxing fans talking about him. 

Mariusz Wach vs Tye Fields Prediction

Of the ‘known’ heavyweights Tye Fields has fought, he lost against most by brutal knockout. Just look at his fights with Mike Perez, Michael Grant and Monte Barrett. They aren't world class opponents, but all three of them dispatched Fields within three rounds. He is a journeyman. Put him in a ring with someone approaching 'good' and you can bet he'll end with his face on the floor.

If a fight with Wach comes off it will go the same way. I think Fields would be the first to admit that if he doesn’t knock his opponent out, then his face will be the one eating canvas.

All Wach has to do to earn his first win of 2012 is avoid a few wild swings by Fields and counter them with his power punches. If he does this not only will he win, but he will win in style by knocking Fields out.

I'll go for Wach by stoppage.

He needs to step up after this. If I were Wach’s promoter I’d stop choosing opponents for him to look good against and instead put him in the ring with someone who is a test. The winner of Monte Barret Vs David Tua III would be perfect. They aren't the best of the division but they both are more of a threat than Tye Fields. If Wach beats Fields and then the winner of Tua/Barret, a fight with a top ten heavyweight should follow.

The fight isn't signed and sealed yet, but March 30th is the date in play. We should hear more on this in the new year.