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Written by Ian Wallwork

Jesus Gonzales calls out Julio Chavez Jr, Carl Froch and Kelly Pavlik

Jesus Gonzales, who scored amatuer wins over Andre Ward and Andre Berto, is three fights into his boxing comeback and has already called out Julio Chavez Jr, Kelly Pavlik and Carl Froch. 

In a statement issued by his promoters, Fan Base Boxing, Gonzales said he deserves more respect from boxing's big players and the super middleweight from Phoenix believes he has paid his boxing dues.

It is true that Gonzales hasn't had it easy.

Jesus Gonzales has wasted no time calling out the top guys in his division.

From Hot Prospect to Construction Worker

Gonzales burst onto the scene when he turned pro in 2003, spurning the 2004 Olympic games where he was expected to take a medal. Gonzales had potential, so much so he was named the 'Next Oscar de la Hoya'. A burden for such a young fighter.

Bob Arum signed him for Top Rank straight away, but no sooner had he joined tensions were running high. Ernie Gonzales, Jesus' father, argued with the Top Rank staff over his son's career path. Ernie felt they were rushing his son, and this came to a head in 2005.

Aged twenty, Gonzales took on Jose Luis Zertuche for the IBC title in a fight his father thought was rushed. Jesus and Top Rank were not to be deterred, and the fight went ahead in Gonzales' hometown. Gonzales lost. His father was furious and ended up punching Top Ranks's Peter McKinn in the ring. 

At least one Gonzales got a KO that night.

Jesus Gonzales, Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man James Bradock was a heavyweight world champion, but during the depression, and after breaking his hand, he was forced to take low-paid manual labour to support his family. For years, Gonzales was the same.

After leaving Top Rank and signing for Star Boxing, Gonzales' career was a mess of career disputes and petty arguments. Star Boxing made a mockery of promotion, and Gonzales went without a fight for three years. Eventually, he was forced to get a job in construction, as well as a security job in the local high school.

Gonzales is not Irish or a dock worker. Apart from that the similarities are uncanny.

The Future for Jesus Gonzales

Gonzales was plucked out of obscurity by Fan Base a promotions when they discovered him hitting the punchbag at the school where he worked. They bought him out of his Star Boxing contract and put him back in the ring. Three wins in a row, and Gonzales feels back to his best. He is ready to take on someone big.

Who does Jesus Gonzales want to fight?

Some of these seem unlikely, but they are interesting all the same. Let me know what you think. These come straight from Gonzales himself.

Julio Chavez Jr:
The undefeated son of the legendary Julio Chavez is boxing equiavalent of the xfacot winner - he has suddenly gotten massive fame but we don't know if he is the real deal. Jesus Gonzales was linked to Chavez Jr in 2008 but contract issues stopped it happening. Jesus would have to drop down in weight to fight Chavez Jr but he willing to do so because this would do big business in Mexico.

Likeliness: Nil. Chavez Jr is one if the biggest names in boxing already, and the stage seems set for him to take on Canelo Alvarez.

Kelly Pavlik: 
The semi-retired super middleweight once sparred with Gonzales. Jesus got the better of him than and he thinks he can do it again. Fan Base have put an offer to Pavlik's team.

Likeliness: If Pavlik were to come back, Gonzales would be a perfect fight. He is a challenge and a name. However, who knows if we will ever see Pavlik in the ring again.

Carl Froch / Andre Ward: 
Carl Froch and Andre Ward fight on December 13th in the final of Showtime's Super Six Tournament and Gonzales would like the winner. Andre Ward has always vowed revenge for his amateur loss to Gonzales, and Gonzales is ready to take him.

Likeliness: If Carl Froch beats Andre Ward on December 13th, he will not be fighting Jesus Gonzales anytime soon. If he were to lose to Ward, Gonzales would be a good fight to take. But given that Froch is getting used to fighting the big names, it is hard to imagine this match happening.

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