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Written by Jake Wallwork

Robert Helenius Vs Dereck Chisora: The Robbery in Helsinki

The heavyweight clash between Robert Helenius and Dereck Chisora was called “The Night of the Heavyweights”, but a more fitting title would be “The Robbery in Helsinki.” Chisora was on the wrong end of a split decision with all three judges scoring the fight 115-113; two of the judges gave it to Helenius and one to Chisora. Scoring it at home, you might have disagreed with the result. You would have been right.

Compubox punch stats showed that Chisora out-punched Helenius as well as landing more power shots and having a higher work rate. Helenius did have his moments but he struggled to deal with Chisora’s constant aggression and inside fighting. 

Robert Helenius makes his way out of the ring.

Dereck Chisora on Bunce’s Boxing Hour 

On monday Chisora made his second appearance on Bunce’s boxing hour (Boxnation). Looking relaxed in jeans and t-shirt, Chisora told Steve Bunce he felt robbed (who can blame him) and he would happily go back to Finland for a rematch, but this time he would bring a massive entourage with him.

How likely is a Chisora - Helenius rematch? Here are the facts:

  • Dereck Chisora said yes to a rematch on Bunce's Boxing Hour
  • Robert Helenius agreed when asked in his post-fight interview 
  • Frank Warren wants an immediate rematch, as he said in a recent radio interview. 

All we now need is Helenius’ promoters Sauerland to give a rematch the thumbs up. 

Kalle Sauerland On a Robert Helenius Dereck Chisora Rematch 

Promoters will say anything to help their fighters careers. Fair enough - that is their job. But it means we don't trust what they say. Helenius' promoter, Kellie Sauerland, is different.

 Appearing as a telephone guest on Bunce's show, Kallie Sauerland had interesting things to say. First, he feels Helenius was lucky to get the decision. You must agree it is honest of a promoter to admit his fighter didn’t deserve to win. 

Most importantly, Kalle said he is one hundred per cent behind a rematch. Is this a good move? It is definitely surprising. If he faces Chisora again, his undefeated prospect is in danger of losing his “0.” Kalle Sauerland seems more interested in giving boxing fans good fights rather than using a fighter as a cash cow. Maybe some of the other big name promoters out there should have this attitude.

Bob Arum...Manny Pacquiao

Would a Robert Helenius - Dereck Chisora Rematch Be Worth Watching?

There are two things at stake here - Helenius' unbeaten record and Chisora's career. If Helenius were to lose the rematch he will crash down the top ten lists can forget a Klitschko fight. For Chisora, a third defeat in a row would be near impossible to come back from. There is already a lot at stake here. So let's crank it up a notch.

Make the Chisora - Helenius rematch a Klitschko world title eliminator. 

Over to you - who do you think won the original fight? Would you back a rematch?

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