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Written by Ian Wallwork

Derry Matthews vs Emiliano Marsili: world title fight in Liverpool

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The Liverpool Olympia is the king of the British domestic scene this weekend. On Friday night they've got a world title fight in Derry Matthews vs Emiliano Marsili and the next night David Price takes on John McDermott. It's an interesting couple of fights for the lightweight and heavyweight divisions, so Jake's going to write something on the David Price bout and I'm here to talk about Derry.

There was a point when we thought Derry Matthews was going to win world title someday. He was 20-0 and he had won the WBU and BBofC Featherweight titles, but then things collapsed. He lost four out of his next five fights, won four more, then lost again. He hung up his gloves shortly after. Derry Matthews was done.

It didn't make any sense at the time. He should have wiped the floor with the guys he lost to. How had he become half the fighter seemingly overnight? What had happened to Derry?

He did have some behind-the-scenes trouble, leaving Frank Warren for Hayemaker Promotions and then leaving them for Hatton Promotions. Lots of guys have trouble outside of the ring and the tales of boxer vs promoter struggles are endless. This doesn't explain Matthews' loss streak.

Maybe his head just wasn't in it. That's not a good or specific explanation, but it's all I've got save having Derry answer himself. Sometimes no matter how good you are at something, you're just off-kilter for a while. He seems to have it sorted now, getting to the final of Prize fighter last year and following that with wins over George Watson and Stephen Jennings and a draw with Gavin Rees.

I would expect him to beat Emilio Marsili. The Italian has never fought outside of Italy and even though he is unbeaten, he's never fought anyone above a journeyman. He has some ring savvy but his punches have no power and his only chance would be to outbox Matthews. If Matthews' head is in it, Marsili won't have a chance. I'll take a Derry Matthews fifth round KO.

After this he'll be the IBO champion but I'd still like him to rematch Gavin Rees. Their fight in October last year had promise before it was ended in the 4th round. I had Derry Matthews up at that point, and there's no reason he couldnt have won. As for how the rematch would go, well Fridays fight will tell us more. If Matthews destroys Marsili, I'd back him against Rees, but if he struggles, or if Masili beats him, I can't look past Rees. Derry Matthews vs Gavin Rees is a fight we still need to see because we do not know who the better fighter is.

With his troubled history I doubt Matthews will be looking past Marsili. He fights him at the Liverpool Olympic this Friday and as of 14/01 tickets were still on sale. If you're close by I would try to go because it should be a good night of boxing.

Now, just because I have said a 5th round Matthews KO it doesn't mean I'm right. What are your predictions for the fight?

Here's a Steve Bunce preview of the fight to help you make up your mind: