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Written by Ian Wallwork

Amir Khan turns Sherlock Holmes to uncover scorecard conspiracy.

Before I talk about "Hatgate" I'll make one thing clear; I scored the fight for Lamont Peterson. It was the points deductions that swung it, but rightly or wrongly they were given by the referee and have to be part of the scoring. Along with a lot of people I had Peterson winning the twelve rounds, and my card definitely wasn't interfered with by anyone wearing a hat.

Amir Khan hasn't been able to accept defeat. First he lost his mind in his post-fight interview, telling the DC fans he knew now why there hadn't been any boxing in the capital city for twenty years. It was a bum move to have a go at the people who paid money to see you fight and it is stuff like this that can turn me off a fighter. Compare Khan's post-fight tantrum with Carl Froch and the way he handled his loss a week later. It was refreshing to hear him admit that Andre Ward was too good for him. Khan could pick up a few tips.

It looked like we'd heard the end of the Khan-Peterson fight and both guys were moving on to other things; Peterson rumoured to be a Manny Pacquiao opponent and Khan looking to get revenge on Breidis Prescott. Then, on Wednesday night, Khan played Poirot on Twitter, reeling out a spiel of evidence that introduced the world to "The Man in the Hat".

You probably know all about it by now. A man in a hat cosied up to judge Michael Walsh, whispered sweet nothings into his ear and the two even chatted for rounds at a time. All the right under the nose of Khan's dad, his business manager and Oscar de la Hoya.

Has anyone actually asked Michael Walsh why he was chatting to this man? Every report I've read, which ranges from the broadsheet newspapers to boxing sites on the net, haven't answered this. Like Mugatu in Zoolander, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Why has nobody sat the judge down and got his official story? Or has someone gotten that and I've missed it? Surely someone has asked Michael Walsh what the hell he and the mystery guest were talking about. I'd do it, but I don't know anyone at the IBF and they won't return my calls.

The man in the hat, whose motives remain a mystery.

At least we know something now - that the cat in the hat is IBF employee Mustafa Ameen. Nobody has said what Ameen's job is - for all we know he could be the IBF tea boy. Whatever, there will be an investigation anyway, and it's likely we'll see a Khan - Peterson II sometime in 2012.

Another possibility is that Khan gets his loss turned into a no contest and keeps his belts. It's not like he's unworthy of them; even though I scored the bout for Peterson, take away the point deductions and Khan would have won my scorecard. He started off brilliantly but lost his way when he tried to stand and trade with Peterson. If they rematched, Freddie Roach would make damn sure the same mistakes weren't made.

It's an interesting story, but the whole thing leaves me deflated. Before it broke, the major news programs on British TV wouldn't touch boxing. Give them controversy and they can't get enough of it. Some people have commented that any exposure is good exposure, especially for a sport like boxing which is apparently competing with MMA. That's news I guess, but I just wish boxing could get attention because of the sporting aspect, rather than the bullshit.