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Written by Jake Wallwork

David Price vs John McDermott in a British title eliminator

This time the David Price vs John McDermott fight might actually happen. Twice in 2011 the fight was rescheduled due to injuries, a reason we can't place blame over but hopefully this time the fight will happen. With less than a week until fight night all the hard work should have been done in the gym by both fighters and there is a slim chance of this one being rescheduled, hence the title ‘Third time lucky’.

This is a must-win fight for both men; if McDermott (26-7-0) loses he may not get another shot at a British title and if David Price (11-0-0) is beaten all the hype surrounding him will turn into chants of ‘hype job’. Frank Maloney and David Price don't want that.

I hope this means both boxers leave it all in the ring and the best man wins, but this fight is only half the battle. The winner goes on to face Tyson Fury for his British and Commonwealth Heavyweight belts and I hope it is David Price, because we have already seen two editions of Tyson Fury vs John McDermott and neither were pretty.

A fight between McDermott and Price isn’t hard to predict - if Price has any potential at all he will beat ‘Big John’ in style, and a one punch knockout would be the perfect way to send the message out that Price is ready to make some noise in a rather quiet Heavyweight division.

Finally, Price Steps Up in Class

I never really understood the hype surrounding Price. Sure he looked good in his last fights, but he was looking good against journeyman. Put me in the ring with a guy with a losing record and it would look like I know how to box. That might be overstating it but you get my point. Looking at Price’s fights, he has the potential, but there’s a difference between having potential and fulfilling it and beating John McDermott is a start.

I’m glad Price has taking the step up in class because some heavyweights out there have been fighting tomato cans for too long; I'm looking at you, Deontay Wilder. While a 100% knockout ratio does look good, it’s the quality of opposition you have faced that gets respect.

I'm talking like it is a forgone conclusion, and it's true that McDermott has been the underdog before. For his fights with Tyson Fury and Larry Olubamiwo, Big John was the bookies favourite to lose. We all know what happened to Larry when he met McDermott (in case you don't know, McDermott finished him off in the first round) and even though he lost to Fury the first time they fought, many thought McDermott was robbed.

So to write McDermott off completely just because the bookies don’t like his chances is a mistake. People suspect that Price has a shaky chin and you never know, if Big John connects to it could be lights out. So for me, that’s McDermott’s only chance of winning, he won’t outbox Price to a decision.

If you were to ask me who is more likely to win by knockout between Price and McDermott my money would be on Price. But I believe that no one is invincible and everybody can be beat. I give McDermott a chance, but not a big one.

The point I am getting across is that McDermott wasn’t fazed by being an underdog before, so fighting the young prospect won’t bother him this time. If there are any gamblers reading this then stick your money on Price. If there are any readers who are willing to take a risk then put money on McDermott by knockout, but don’t go blame me if you lose some cash.

I'm looking forward to this match; I'm interested in seeing what McDermott has left and what Price has to offer at a higher level than he has been fighting at.

 If you're not pumped up for Saturdays fight take a look at the Price vs McDermott promo.