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Written by Ian Wallwork

Dyah Davis and Alfonso Lopez open up 2012 with a snoozer.

First things first; I didn't stay up to watch the fight. Despite harping on about it being the only fight on offer this weekend, it got to 12.30am and I was flagging. I put Fight Night on the PS3 and was so tired I was nearly beaten by the computer. That should never happen.

Apparently I didn't miss much. Punchbag Blog's own Jake Wallwork said it had no action and Dyah Davis won an easy unanimous decision over Alfonso Lopez. I'm not surprised with the result because Davis was always my favourite for the fight but I do wonder how he managed to make such boring work of it. He actually might not be to blame though; the result was lopsided and Alfonso Lopez couldn't be bothered fighting. In some rounds, both guys did so little that the referee nearly earned himself a 10 on the scorecards.

First though, there was the undercard. Had this been a decent match-up I would have pushed through and stayed up 'til 2am. But Denis 'Mommas Boy' Douglin vs Steve Martinez isn't something you would go out of your way to watch. What sort of a nickname is Momma's Boy anyway? It's like he's giving out free trash talk on yourself. It could be that Douglin gets called a momma's boy a lot, so he decided to strike first and call himself a Mommas boy. You know, take the power out of the bully's words. All I know is it's the worst nickname since Joel 'The Hairbrush' Casamayor.

Douglin And Martinez put on more of a show for the fans than the main-eventers. They landed a few big punches and fought to a tight split decision, the winner being Momma's Boy. He improves to 14-1-0 and Martinez's record drops to 11-1-0. I honestly couldn't tell you what is next for both guys.


For the first Friday Night Fights of the season you would expect fireworks, but ESPN didn't pick the right guys. Davis has never been an action man, having only nine KOs on a twenty-four fight record, and he's more interested in the win than the show, which I don't like but can kind-of understand. Davis is burning to gets his hands on a belt and like so many fighters, he thinks his wins will carry him there. They won't, unless he fights into a mandatory position. Based on last night, no champion will fight Davis because he won't bring anything to the table. The snoozefest he put on for us last night won't have gained him any fans, and we all know fans=money and money=title shot.

Alfonso Lopez drops to 22-2-0 with the loss and I think we've found his level now. He lost to a nowhere-near-his-best Kelly Pavlik, beat 19-9-2 journeyman Michael Walker and now he's come off badly in a fight probably organised by the sandman. He's a top fifty level fighter, might pull of a couple of decent wins but will mainly spend his time testing the prospects of the division.

This was a bad start to boxing's 2012, but it was always going to be one of the slowest weekends. Next week is just as bad, something you'll agree with when I tell you that the most interesting fight I could find is the heavyweight clash with Larry Olubamiwo vs Sam Sexton. Jake will probably write a preview on that one, because he loves the heavyweight division.

This week was dead, next week is dead but after that things will get better. I promise.