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Written by Ian Wallwork

Rising super middleweight Dyah Davis takes on Alfonso Lopez on a quiet boxing weekend

Dyah Davis is the highlight of this weekends boxing action when he takes on super middleweight Alfonso Lopez. The two fight on Friday 6th at Mallory Square, Florida, in a bout that isn't a big crowd draw. On most other weekends, the event would get overlooked except from Dyah Davis fans, who will make up most of the crowd. This is a homecoming for Davis.

It isn't an easy match though. Lopez is twenty-nine years old and has a 22-1 record, his only loss coming against Kelly Pavlik. When they fought in May last year, Lopez was there as cannon fodder for a Kelly Pavlik comeback that we all know ended abruptly. Is Lopez being set up as a fall guy for Davis as well? 

Dyah Davis believes he can capture a world title.

Maybe. Davis has twenty wins to his credit and is growing a following thanks to his interesting story. He's the son of amateur legend Howard Davis Jr, an Olympic gold medalist who fought on the same Olympic team as Sugar Ray Leonard and Michael Spinks. Dyah has a lot to live up to, but he also wants to go one better than his father.
His dad never won a world title. Dyah is thirty years old now so he doesn't have the luxury of time and he's going to have to start taking big jumps in opposition if he wants to get a belt. His hardest fight so far came from Aaron Pryor Jr, a fighter who beat Davis and then proceeded to lose three of his next four fights. We're not talking about a pound for pound great here. If Davis can't beat Pryor Jr, how is he ever going to beat the top guys in his division?

Just look at who holds the super middleweight belts now - Andre Ward, Lucian Bute, Robert Stieglitz and Karoly Balzsay. I can't see Dyah Davis beating any of these guys, but if I had to put him against one, I'd pick Karoly Balzsnay. He's the weakest champion there, but that's only because the pedigree of the other three is so great. Even so, Balzsnay has a much better record than Dyah Davis.

I'm sorry Howard Davis, but I can't see your son getting a super middleweight belt. If its any consolation, I do expect him to get past Alfonso Lopez this Friday night, and then he's only a few wins away from a title shot. A payday and seeing your name in lights must be a consolation for any fighter.

I feel like I've talked down Davis so much you might not bother to watch the fight. Well here are five reasons you SHOULD watch it:

1) There are no other decent fights on

2) Davis' hometown crowd will make an atmosphere

3) Davis has sparred with Bernard Hopkins - the talent is there

4) If Davis is going to become a contender, it's better to get on the gravy train early

5) Lopez, at a similar age, is at a fork in the road. If he's ever going to make it, it has to be now. He will leave it all in the ring.

I hope that's enough to convince you to get a few beers and watch the fight. If so, it's on ESPN2 in the states. UK fans might be out of luck unless you can find a decent legal stream of the fight, but either way there's always YouTube the next day. With the hype Davis is starting to generate, it's worth taking a look at him and if you think I've downplayed his talent too much, leave a comment and let me know.