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It's been an age since we last saw Eddie Chambers fight and we're going to have to wait another one. Eddie was going to face ex-champ Sergei Liakhovich next Saturday in what would have been his first in nearly a year, but a training injury has put a stop to the bout. It's a shame. Fast Eddie is a good heavyweight, definitely a top-ten, and Liakhovich would have been a test for him.

Chambers broke his ribs in training this week and is going to have to sit this out, but Liakhovich still plans to fight and is seeking another opponent. Seth Mitchell, Odlanier Solis, Alexander Dimitrenko, Tomasz Adamek, Tyson Fury and Robert Helenius are all available, but Helenius would be the best choice.

He fought Liakhovich last year so it wouldn't take him long to prepare, and he has something to prove after getting an unconvincing win over Dereck Chisora. The last Liakovich - Helenius fight left questions; Liakhovich controlled the fight and it took a knockout to seal it for Helenius. Some would say revisiting an old victory is all-lose no-win, but I think Helenius needs a dominant victory.

Next up, you've probably read this already but Amir Khan has been granted a rematch with Lamont Peterson. This follows the Hatgate conspiracy which has caught the attention of the British news and put a spotlight on another boxing controversy. We're at least approaching an end now, but we're not quite there yet.

I'm glad Khan has been given a rematch but that doesn't mean it will happen. Peterson could choose to give up the WBA and IBF belts and move on to other things. If the Mayweather - Pacquiao fight falls through, Peterson is one of fours guys that could fight Manny. A PPV main even with Manny Pacquiao is worth millions more than a rematch with Khan.

That said, Goldenboy have offered Peterson $1 million to fight Khan. If he thinks he can beat Amir again, this time without point deductions, he should take the money. A second win over would cement him at the top of 140 and make him a more legitimate for the top fighters both there, and in 147. I think if a rematch does happen, Khan will win.

Main Events won a purse bid for the Zab Judah - Vernon Paris fight and will air it on March 24th. I'm going to write more on this later because it's a great fight, but it boils down to two fighters who have something to prove. After a pathetic performance against Amir Khan, Zab Judah needs to show us there's something left in the tank. It is becoming a habit of his; he'll get thrashed in a big fight, comeback with a string of tomato-can wins and then get his ass handed to him again when he fights someone decent.

Fighting Vernon Paris is a change in habit for Zab. At 26-0 Paris is a talented prospect but he's a mile off being proven, because five years into his career he is still fighting guys with eighteen losses on their records. People who have seen Vernon fight usually praise him, but he is not known for extreme power or speed. Judah is his biggest challenge by far and could be a coming of age party for him, or he could be taught a harsh boxing lesson. Is Zab Judah shot? Is Vernon Paris the real deal?