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Written by Ian Wallwork

Manny Pacquiao could fight Mayweather in May, but if he doesn't here are some other options.

Fightnews have reported that Bob Arum has two dates in mind for Manny Pacquiao's next fight - June 9th or 16th. There are no other big fights announced that month and it is only 30 days after Floyd Mayweather's May 5th outing. Can we cope with two big fights in quick succession?

I couldn't care less if it's the 9th or the 16th, I'll watch either night. What I'd like to know is who Pacman is fighting. Arum has offered four contenders; Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Lamont Peterson and Miguel Cotto.

First up Tim Bradley. Tim,Timbo,Timbeeeerr! as David Brent would say. Some think Bradley has the style to put the moves on Pacquiao, but I don't see it. I can't take away his credentials though. Desert Storm has beaten everyone out in front of him, including Lamont Peterson, but he did duck Amir Khan. There's no getting away from that, and if he weren't so talented it would count against him more.

Just while we're on Tim Bradley, I wanted him out of the P4P list. I was looking over The Ring's top ten and his name stuck out for me at number 9, mostly because he's been too inactive. He fought twice in 2011, and one of those was a snoozer with 40 year-old Joel Casamayor, who'd already lost to Robert Guerrero and Juan Manuel Marquez in his last five.

The thing is I couldn't find anyone to replace him with. Cotto? His last 5 have been impressive but they date back to 2009. Froch/Bute? Maybe after they fight each other the winner will have a case. For now, there's no strong candidate to knock Bradley out of the P4P. But if he were to fight Pacman and lose, that would make him 2-1-0 in 12 months.

Could this man beat Manny Pacquiao?

Next up is Juan Manuel Marquez. He's the only fighter you could say has Pacquiao's number, and I scored their last fight in his favour. I get the feeling he gave everything he had when they fought in May, and it would be a big ask for him to do it again. Plus Pacquiao has a history of learning from his mistakes. Morales beat him in their first fight, but then Pacquiao came back and won the rematch comfortably. In their third fight, he destroyed him. I don't want to see Marquez fight Pacquiao again.

Lamont Peterson is also in the frame, or was. With it being likely he'll be forced to rematch Amir Khan, Peterson will have to choose between a massive payday with Pacquiao or a fight he could actually win with Khan. I have massive respect for Peterson and his story of how he got to the top, and I hope he fights Khan and leaves Pacquiao for another day. But if he were to grab the Pacquiao cash I couldn't blame him; the guy used to sleep on a park bench, if someone offers him mega-bucks he should take it. After losing to Bradley, and losing some people's cards in the Khan fight, I can't see Peterson beating Pacquiao, or even giving him trouble.

Cotto is the same. He looked great against Margarito, but does that mean the warrior back to his best? At 31, that wouldn't be too much to ask. Like I said, his last five fights have good wins over Margarito, Mayorga, and Clottey. But there's also a loss to Pacquiao in there, and that rules him out for me because there was nothing in their fight to suggest we need to see it again. Pacman knocked Cotto down twice in the early rounds, dominated the fight and scored a twelfth round stoppage. An impressive win over Margarito doesn't change the fact that Pacquiao destroyed Cotto.

Out of all four, Cotto is the biggest draw. The public reaction to his revenge fight with Margarito was outstanding; it was one of those two or three times a year fights that bring in casual boxing fans. Cotto-Margarito sold 600,000 on PPV, way short of Pacquiao-Marquez's 1.4 million buys but let's be honest, Pacquiao's name sold the bigger share of those. It would be close, but I think Pacquiao vs Cotto would outsell another fight with Marquez. You can call me crazy on that one, it's just a gut feeling. But Cotto would still get his ass handed to him.

It sounds like I'm saying nobody should fight Pacquiao. That's not what I wanted to put across. I just think Pacquiao is the heavy favourite over any of these guys. He's not invulnerable, something we learnt in November, and that's why I'll still watch him on PPV and see what happens. Pacquiao - Marquez is the better fight, Pacquiao - Cotto would sell more. Which do I think Bob Arum will go for? He'll be looking at the $$$ signs.