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Written by Jake Wallwork

Here's hoping Eddie Hearn gets Kell Brook a good fight in March 2012

Frank Warren recently announced that Nathan Cleverly’s third WBO title defence will be against unknown American Tommy Karpency. This was scoffed at by boxers, boxing fans and promoters, and in particular Eddie Hearn, who is Frank Warren's deadly rival.

Hearn used Twitter to say what a joke the fight is, and got lots of nodding heads in return. The thing is, Hearn could be guilty of doing the same thing. It is likely that one of his big names, Kell Brook, is going to get a weak fight despite Hearn promising a big name opponent for ‘Special K’.

For six months Hearn has said he will get Kell (26-0-0) a world title shot or a fight against a big name. To date, the biggest name he's faced is Lovemore N'dou, a good fighter once upon a time but now well past his best. After the N'dou victory, Brook fought Rafael Jackiewicsz who is more than a Euro-level fighter with one solid victory on his resume, a win over ex-world champ Jan Zaveck.

Brook is scheduled to fight again on March 17th. People are getting fed up with Brook’s lack of challenges, so a well-known world-level fighter should be on the menu for Team Brook.

Eddie Hearn needs to get Kell Brook a top-class opponent.

One thing I have to get off my chest is the title of Brook's next fight. It is called ‘The homecoming’. Until his last fight in Atlantic city, Brook had all of his fights in the UK, and his previous two before that were in his hometown of Sheffield. ‘The homecoming’ is a a joke title because it implies Brook has been fighting away from home all of his career, like Glen Johnson or Carl Froch, when in fact he's left the UK once.

I can let this slip, but I won’t forget if Hearn gets Brook another Rafael Jackiewicsz-type opponent to look good against. There is talk of Brook facing Matthew Hatton (42-5-2), and Shane Mosley (46-7-1) is a name that has also been thrown around.

Is Hatton a suitable fight? If happened last year I’d say yes. But the fact Hearn has been promising a big fight for Brook for some time now makes me wonder if a Brook/Hatton match-up was the best they could find. If Matthew didn’t have the last name 'Hatton' then his fanbase would shrivel, but I do think he deserves a big fight after his effort against Saul Alvarez. This is a fight I'm not happy about, but I can live with. There are rumors that Brook vs Hatton would be for the IBF Welterweight title, though I'm not sure what the IBF #2 and #3, Mike Jones and Randall Bailey, would say about that.

Now for Shane Mosley. It’s obvious Sugar Shane is past his best, but he is a big name and would give Brook his toughest fight to date. I'd prefer to see Shane Mosley retired right now instead of fighting well past his peak, but as long as he's granted a license the decision is his.

Apart from Amir Khan and Matthew Hatton, Brook’s main rival (in terms of trash-talk rather than skill) is Yassine El Maachi. El Maachi has been begging for a fight with Brook ever since he made a name for himself by winning the 2011 Welterweight Prizefighter.

It wouldn't surprise me if Hearn made the fight. He'd tell us ‘it’s a fight the fans want to see and they have a genuine rivalry.’ I would be dead against it because 1) El Maachi hasn’t earned a shot at Brook and 2) it would be a step down in opposition. I doubt the fight will be made but if it is, Hearn is a big fat phony for having a pop at Frank Warren.

Let me know what you think. Who do you want to see Kell Brook fight?