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Written by Ian Wallwork

Sexton wins TD, McPhilbin surprises Williams and Allan topples Butterbean

It wasn't the busiest of Friday nights but at least we had some action, most of it courtesy of BoxNation. They put on a domestic fight card with some heavyweight boxing and a cruiserweight title on the line. I'll tell you about the results and what happened in case you missed it. After we've talked about that there is one more fight I want to mention. It was a great display of skill and athleticism, but I'll save it for the end.

First the heavies. You might have read Jake's preview here and if you did, you would have seen he picked Sam Sexton (15-2-0) to win easily. I agreed, as did most fans who aren't blood relatives of Larry Olubamiwo. We were in for a mild surprise.

I don't know what he has changed since his loss to McDermott, but the Larry I saw last night was a decent fighter, not a walking mess. Was his beard in some way connected to his rejuvenation? Possibly. You see, Larry was quite good. Or at least a hundred times better than when we last saw him against John McDermott. For the short time the fight lasted it was competitive.

In the fourth round a clash of heads cut up Sexton's face and it was clear we weren't seeing the full ten rounds. It was stopped in the 5th and we went to the scorecard, yes singular, with Sexton getting a 49-48 win. A rematch would be welcome.

The main event in Bethnal Green was a BBBofC cruiserweight title fight between champion Leon Williams and challenger Shane McPhilbin. There was a good story here because McPhilbin (8-2-0) only took the fight on three weeks notice after Tony Conquest pulled out with shingles. It wasn't a classic fight but both guys were knocked down and it was only stopped in the twelfth, when McPhilbin overwhelmed Williams and became the new BBBofC Cruiserweight champion.
Butterbean should retire after his loss last night. Farewell, brave Butterbean.
I've talked about the legitimate fights from last night, now it's time for the spectacle. Eric Esch, Butterbean to you, took on Curt Allan in his first fight since 2009. The forty-five year was not at his best and Curt Allan is hardly Mohammed Ali, but the bout was for charity so I can live with it.

After four rounds we went to the scorecards, where Curt Allen was given a unanimous decision win. That makes Esch and Allan 1-1, which usually means we're about to see a trilogy. This one has the potential to rival Gatti-Ward, but I still don't think it is necessary. Retire Butterbean, please.