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Written by Ian Wallwork

Emiliano Marsili surprises Derry Matthews and scores a TKO win 

Last night we had two new world champions; one a shock victory and another one that many boxing fans expected. It wasn't the greatest night of boxing but there are a lot of talking points, and it was a hell of a lot better than the FNF a couple of weeks ago with Dyah Davis and Alfonso Lopez. I'm going to talk about the Derry Matthews v Emiliano Marsili first, and Rico Ramos vs Guillermo Rigondeaux later in the day.

I hold my hands up on this one because I got it completely wrong. I didn't see Marsili having the power to upset Matthews, still don’t, and I thought Derry would end it in the middle rounds. What I didn't take into account was the speed of Emiliano Marsili. From the opening round he was throwing combinations so quickly that Derry couldn't deal with them, and they landed flush.

In this way Marsili took the first three rounds. Matthews started to get back into it when he used his jab to control Marsili, but by the forth round he was fighting with a nose full of blood and he winced whenever Marsili struck it. Derry won a couple of rounds, but in the sixth he was punched down to his knee and he looked shot. Sat in his corner, body battered, nose broken, we knew sixty seconds wasn't going to be enough to fix him. The seventh round was his last, the referee choosing to make a good call on a cut that was bleeding profusely.

This is Derry's sixth loss by knockout in just under four years. I don't enjoy saying this because I do like him, but he is slipping into journeyman status. You might think this unfair because of his showing in his draw with Gavin Rees, but you can't argue with a 12-6-1 record in the last five years, five of those losses coming against people he should have beat. He needs a good win next if he is to stay relevant, but will he even want to? After six knockout losses he might want to stop getting punched in the face.

His knockout means he can't fight for thirty days but there's nothing to stop him going on after that. If Derry had won last night I would have called it a fantastic learning experience and even start thinking about him and Ricky Burns, or Gavin Rees at the least, but as it stands we will have to see if he even wants to carry on.

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't write about Emiliano Marsili here. The Italian extended his unbeaten career to twenty-four fights, picked up an IBO title and scored his most impressive win. At thirty-five he feels he is reaching a late peak but I wonder where he can go.

 It's possible we could have another Carlos Baldomir on our hands – a fighter who comes from the unknown with an unbeaten record and earns wins over recognised fighters. Or maybe he loses his next fight and goes back to beating thirty-year old Italian journeymen in Lazio. After last night, I want to see him fight again.

Marsili will never be fighting the likes of Juan Manuel Marquez and Robert Guerrero, but he'd be a good fight for Gavin Rees. There's an opening for Marsili here if he wants to take it; his willingness to fight and his point-winning speed surprised us, and he could build up something of a UK following if he were to do the same to another domestic fighter. If he scraps out some decent wins, and that is possible after what we saw last night, he could get a few pay-day-fights before he retires to the Mediterranean.