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Written by Ian Wallwork

Guillermo Rigondeaux beats a disappointing Rico Ramos with a stunning left hook to the body

 I've already apologised for getting the Matthews – Marsili fight completely wrong, but that wasn't the only fight last night. Super bantamweights Rico Ramos and Guillermo Rigondeaux fought for all of six rounds, with Rigondeaux taking the win by knockout.

It was a boring fight, but you probably want to know what happened so I'll write about it as passionately as I can. Rigondeaux dropped Ramos in the first round, sending him into a state of fear that lasted the next five rounds and stopped him making any attempt at an assault. Despite his twenty bouts and five years experience, the champion acted like he was scared of his less-than-ten-fights opponent, and in the sixth round Rigondeaux ended things with a left hook to the body. Ramos should be disappointed with his performance; he gave the ring over to Rigondeaux and let him win rounds as well as handing over his WBA title.

I thought Rigondeaux would beat Ramos but I expected the defending champion to make it a fight; he had just as much to prove as Rigondeaux last night. Instead of proving he is the real thing Ramos raised doubts about his talent, whilst Rigondeaux showed us he is someone to watch. I won't start saying “P4P” yet but he can easily rule at 122.

After he has unified a couple of titles, not easy but by no means impossible, the obvious career plan is a move up to 126. Waiting there are Yuriorkis Gamboa (for now), Chris John, Juan Manuel Lopez, Mikey Garcia, Orlando Solido and more. It is a talent-rich division and absolutely what Rigondeaux should be aiming for. With Nonito Donaire looking to join the ranks as soon as Bob Arum deems fit, featherweight will be one of the divisions to watch over the next couple of years.

Rigondeaux should be congratulated on his achievement. In less than three years as a professional he has scored a win over a fellow-unbeaten prospect and joined an exclusive list of world title winners with less-than-ten fights. He is still a while off joining the ranks of the elite, but he is winning a lot of fans with each fight.

Let's not go calling him the best in the world yet though. There are some that suspect Rigondeaux is a fraud, a limited fighter who uses his amateur record as a smokescreen. In 2010, Rigondeaux was supposedly nearly knocked out by a green-behind-the-ears sparring fighter, prompting trainer Freddie Roach to say “Someone was exposed here today.” I couldn't find any quotes from Freddie Roach or Rigondeaux himself to back this up, so take that the same way you would any boxing rumour.

Whatever you think of Rigondeaux, he has talent and he wants to get to the top in as few fights as possible. As a Top Rank fighter there is a lot of choice for him in the future and Bob Arum could offer him Nonito Donaire, Jorge Arce, Miguel Garcia, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Juan Manuel Lopez and Fernando Montiel. Don't expect Rigondeaux to wait around much.