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I was going through my daily routine of searching boxing blogs and sites to see what’s new in the sport and I came across something interesting; it was an article about a shoulder injury sustained by heavyweight boxer Robert Helenius. The injury, according to Helenius himself, has a worst-case scenario of an early retirement.

It wasn't a result of his bout with Dereck Chisora, his ligament snapping six weeks before his fight with Del Boy. Is there an excuse cooking? This wouldn't be the first time a fighter has attributed a poor performance to a bodily mishap. I'm skeptical. Helenius and his trainer must have known that training and fighting with an injury like that isn’t the smartest thing in the world to do, yet they apparently did it anyway.

Taking a stupid risk like this with his fighter may result in Ulli Wegner getting the sack as Helenius' head trainer. If you look at Helenius' performances in his last few fights, maybe this isn’t such a bad thing.

Helenius has surgery booked in next week, so until then we don’t truly know whether his career will end on such a disappointing performance or continue for a while longer. I think he should be able to fight again next year and rumour has it that Team Sauerland are hoping to get big Robbie out after the summer, possibly against Alexander Dimitrenko.

The nature of an injury is such that you can have your doubts about the truth but you'll never be sure. Fans might look at this and think “Chisora only looked so good because Helenius was injured”. This is good for Helenius because he tosses away doubts about his skills as well as showing a large set of balls by not quitting the fight.

One thing I don’t like about this story is that it seems to take away the effort Chisora put in when earning this victory. Obviously Helenius wasn’t 100% going into the fight, but he was completely shut out on most people’s scorecards and I doubt Helenius could have won even if he was in the condition of his life.

Another point to think about is that Helenius has always been on the lazy side of the workrate scale. Even with the injury he looked like the same old Helenius we have seen in previous fights who doesn't like to work. No more, no less. No different.

Robberies and injuries taken into consideration, I'd love to see Chisora and Helenius fight again. It doesn’t matter whether Chisora wins or loses against Vitali, the fight can still be made. What do you guys think? Did the injury affect Helenius' performance or is it just an excuse that lets him off the hook?