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Written by Jake Wallwork

Sam Sexton should have no trouble beating Larry Olubamiwo

*RESULT UPDATE: Sam Sexton wins by 5th round technical decision after cuts on Sexton's face force the doctor to call off the bout.*

On January 13th Sam Sexton faces Larry Olubamiwo in a fight that will catapult the winner into a British title bout and give the loser journeyman status. Both Olubamiwo and Sexton go into the match with losses that put their fortunes on hold, so a knockout will restart either of their careers.

Sam Sexton is the favourite with 1/4 odds whereas Olubamiwo plays underdog, with bookies paying out 11/4 for the Hackney-born fighter to win. Sexton will outbox Olubamiwo, whose idea of boxing is to charge at opponents like a bull and throw wild punches until he gets a stoppage. This might be effective with fighters with losing records, but anyone who knows how to box will make a laughing stock of Olubamiwo. ‘Big’ John McDermott proved this when he blasted Larry out in the first round.

Sexton isn't too bad a boxer. He gave Dereck Chisora problems in their 2010 fight, and Chisora is seen as good enough to get a title shot against Vitali Klitschko. That said, you don’t have to do much to earn a title shot in the Heavyweight division nowadays.

I'm sure he's good enough to stop Larry Olubamiwo. The blueprint is there on how to win - make him miss and then make him pay. If John McDermott can do it then Sexton will have no problem earning his fifteenth win.

I don't like to leave things one sided, so I had a look at what tools Olubamiwo has in his set. After searching I only found one - power. Larry has a 75% knockout ratio, so he will always have a punchers chance in these types of fights, but Sexton will have to come into the ring blindfolded to lose this one.

This should be an exciting match while it lasts but it won’t go the full 36 minutes.

Sam Sexton shouldn't have any trouble beating Larry Olubamiwo.

If he wins in style against Olubamiwo, Sexton could get himself a title eliminator fight or even a shot at a British title straight away. Tyson Fury, the British and Commonwealth champ, is reportedly fighting in January but no opponent has been announced.

Fighting twice in a month is a push for anyone, so Sexton wouldn't be ready for this. But if Fury delays his fight date, or fights again in March, Sexton could be the one getting into the ring. I don't expect Sexton to beat Tyson Fury but if he did, I'd be interested in a rematch with him and Dereck Chisora.

There are some good fights in Sexton's future, but he shouldn't look far ahead of Larry ‘The War Machine’ Olubamiwo, who could catch him with a lucky punch.