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Written by Jake Wallwork

Thoughts on Amir Khan Vs Lamont Peterson II: Prediction, Undercard and does Amir Khan deserve a rematch? 

When live on ringside, 6pm February the 9th, Amir Khan said he and his team had set a deadline of ‘a couple of hours’ for team Peterson to give a final answer on whether they will give Khan a rematch, or go a different route. That different route had looked like it could be a four man tournament with Peterson fighting Juan Manuel Marquez.

With Mayweather fighting Cotto, Pacquiao all but confirmed to be fighting Timothy Bradley and supposedly Peterson and Marquez fighting each other; it was looking like poor old Amir was going to be left alone with no-one to fight. But Peterson’s manager and trainer Barry Hunter came to the conclusion that aside from Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao who are both busy, Amir Khan is the only fight out there which can generate team Peterson the most doe. The fight for Amir Khan Vs Lamont Peterson II is to take place at the Mandalay Bay resort & casino, Las Vegas, Nevada on May the 19th.

Although I do feel sorry for Marquez, at least we get to see a rematch of what was one of the fights of the year for 2011.

Does Amir deserve a rematch?

If you ask this question and look at Khan’s attitude inside the ring, then it’s a unanimous decision in favour of King Khan. But if you take into consideration Khans whining and constant excuse making, then it’s a resounding no. Khans constant excuse making makes it hard to say ‘yes he deserves a rematch’ even though he was game and put up a hell of a fight.

Me personally, I think Khan doesn’t deserve a rematch for reasons previously mentioned. But whether you agree with me or not, you have to give Lamont Peterson credit for giving Khan a rematch even after Khans excuse making seemed to have taken away the attention, Petersons fiery performance deserved.

Go take a walk down the street and ask 10 people this question, five will say yes, five will say no. Whichever side you’re on, let’s just hope we have a fair fight with no excuses (man in the hat) after the bell.

The undercard.

Shortly after the announcement of Khan Peterson II, ESPN boxing writer Dan Rafael announced on Twitter that Golden Boy promotions are pushing for a Lucas Matthysse Vs Humberto Soto fight on the under card (which is now confirmed.) Golden boy know how to put a mouth-watering fight card together. I was impressed by the co main event of the Khan/Peterson fight in Washington D.C. which showed Seth ‘Mayhem’ Mitchell dismantle Timur Ibragimov in just over two rounds.

I was impressed by Mitchell, and by the sounds of it everyone else was too. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I would love to see Mitchell on the undercard of Peterson/Khan II. Seth Mitchell Vs Tomasz Adamek alongside Lucas Matthysse Vs Humberto Soto, headlined by Lamont Peterson Vs Amir Khan II, would be one of the best fight cards of the year by a country mile.

Maybe we could see Robert Guerreo or Paulie Malignaggi on the card as well.

Who wins?

I think you can make a case for predicting both Amir and Lamont winning the rematch without sounding stupid. You can say that Peterson will pressure Khan from the get go and by doing this he will not give away any of the early rounds and will go onto winning a close decision. You can also say that Freddie Roach (Khans trainer) will have figured out a new game plan where this time Khan successfully defends himself on the inside and repeat’s all the offence in the first fight which gave Peterson problems.

I think Roach will get the game plan spot on this time and have Khan do more of the right things he did in the first fight and set a pace he is comfortable with instead of Peterson forcing Khan to fight at his tempo. Peterson has been on the canvas before, but I think he is a tough man to stop, he certainly won’t quit. I’m not ruling out a Khan TKO win, but a Khan point’s win is the more likely outcome.

And another point to take into consideration is the fact that Khan may have been focussing on a super fight between him and Floyd Mayweather which could have happened somewhere down the line had he beat Peterson, Peterson may have been taken likely by team Khan. If this is true then I have no doubt that Khan will have his attention 100% focussed on Peterson, and trying to win his IBF and WBA Super world light welterweight titles back. This will make it a whole lot harder for Peterson to pull off the upset twice.

Punchbag blog picks Khan by competitive point’s decision.


I am glad we will see a second fight between Khan and Peterson after the first one was so entertaining. I think the winner will be in line to face the Pacquiao/Bradley winner and the looser will have trouble pursuing another world title shot anytime soon. The main event itself is something to look forward to, but if Golden boy continue to pull out these fantastic undercard match ups then May the 19th will be one of the most anticipated fight nights of 2012 so far.

 Let the best man win.