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Written by Jake Wallwork

One of the biggest let downs of 2011 gets a rematch

Bernard Hopkins Vs Chad Dawson was one of the more anticipated bouts of last year. However due to an early injury (Hopkins shoulder in the 2nd round) the fight turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments of 2011. Due to this disappointment there was no public demand for the fight to be remade. But to my surprise, the rematch was made rather easily.

The fight will take place on the 28th of April at the Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States. For the UK fans the fight will be shown on Boxnation just as the first fight was. And HBO will show the fight in America.

Seth Mitchell will be fighting on the undercard, opponent to be announced.

I’m surprised BHOP took the fight

Because Hopkins is 47, I’m surprised that he is taking a fight where there is a big possibility of him loosing. I thought he would have campaigned for a fight where he has a much better chance of winning, someone like Nathan Cleverly or Beibut Shumenov – who are also belt holders.

Also if you look at the fight he had with Dawson, from what we saw, Dawson was setting the pace and doing enough to be winning the fight before it was stopped. One way to beat Hopkins is to outwork him like Joe Calzaghe did in 2008 and Jermain Taylor twice in 2005. And from the one and a half rounds of action we witnessed, it looked like part of Dawsons plan was to outwork the older Hopkins.

But in both fights Jean Pascal had with Hopkins, he looked very good in the first two rounds, but got a draw and loss from both. So it's hard to pick a winner from from what we saw last October. I do give Hopkins well deserved credit for taking the rematch just after leaving rehab for his shoulder injury.

Big fights for the winner

Frank Warren (Nathan Cleverly’s promoter) has stated on more than one occasion that he is interested in bringing Hopkins over to the UK for a unification fight (if he beats Dawson.) Due to his fight with Joe Calzaghe, Hopkins is well known in the UK and seeing him fight Cleverly in Wales would generate a lot of interest, as well as a lot cash for both light heavyweight champions.

I doubt Dawson could generate the same interest and money that Hopkins could for fighting Nathan Cleverly, so the number one option for him should he win, is to have a rematch with French Canadian Jean Pascal. Dawson and Pascal have an entertaining rivalry, unfinished business and if the fight was to take place in Canada, it would give a good pay day for both of the fighters.

So there are plenty of options for the winner of this fight, Cleverly, Pascal, Cloud and Shumenov are some good options for the winner of this contest. The looser of this bout won’t have the mouth-watering options the winner has, but there career wouldn’t be completely over and done with.


A prediction for this fight is tricky. You can never underestimate Bernard Hopkins. He proved a lot of people wrong by demolishing Kelly Pavlik and out boxing Jean Pascal. So to say he has no chance of beating Chad Dawson would be stupid, but I do think he will come up short in this one. Dawson in my opinion is too skilled and too young for Hopkins. Hopkins has pulled off many upsets in the past, and if he wants to pull off an upset once again, trying to do it against Chad Dawson is one step to far.

Providing Dawson comes in fully prepared and with the same game plan he had in the first fight, I pick him to win a close decision in a competitive fight. But as I said, don’t count ‘The Executioner’ out.


To sum up, I don’t expect the fight to be a ‘fight of the year’ candidate, but I expect it to be a good, competitive, entertaining boxing match. Hopefully they get Seth Mitchell a good opponent for the undercard, Tomasz Adamek would be nice. And I hope they add some more big names to the bill.

After the way the first fight ended, I expect the press conferences and weigh ins to feature some trash talking. Big fights for the winner, loosing for Hopkins will mean retirement and for Dawson it will derail is career. May the best man win.