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Written by Jake Wallwork

Punchbag Blog talks to IBF Light Middleweight Champion Cornelius Bundrage

Cornelius Bundrage won the IBF title against Cory Spinks in August 2010 with a 5th round TKO. It is the Detroit-born fighter's first major US title, and he will soon defend it against Spinks, who is two fights into a boxing comeback. We caught up with Cornelius to ask him some questions about his career.

You have been calling out Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez for a unifacation fight on May 5th, what weaknesses do you see in Alvarez which you can exploit?

K9: It's not that I see weakness in him, I just want to unify the belts. It's a big fight the fans want to see. (3) super welterweights titles on the line in one night. The WBA, WBC, and IBF. Something I know the fans would want too see.

Alvarez has been critisized for his weak opposition when winning his world title, do you regard Alvarez as just a 'paper champion'?

K9: No I don't. When you're a world champion you can fight. It takes a lot to become a world champion despite who they put in front of you. You must win the fight. Fighters bring their a game when belts are on the line. It's not easy to become a world champ.

Who do you favor in the Floyd Mayweather/Miguel Cotto match up and have you got your sights set on the winner?

K9: I see Floyd winning the fight. I was in camp with Cotto and he didn't look like the old Cotto. I think the hard fights of his past have taken its tole. Someone like Mayweather will exploit that. All K9 wants is big fights, I've proven myself from The Contender to a defending IBF World champion. Time will tell, The Last, shall be First!

Cory Spinks recently just beat Sechew Powell in a title eliminator for your IBF belt, is a rematch with Spinks something that interests you?

K9: No, not really! I have already beat him and what can he do to stop me from beating him again? Nothing! We're both the same fighters and opposites don't attract. I'm a Christian!

Do you plan on spending the rest of your career at Junior Middle weight?

K9: I don't know the future to accurately answer that question. For the right opportunity, I will go up one weight class, or down one weight class. If not I probably will stay put.

You only had one fight in each of 2011, 2010, and 2009. Do you plan on being more active in 2012?

K9: Yes, I plan on being more active in 2012. My promoter hasn't been on the same page as me. That's the reason why I haven't been more active. I love the fight game, yet hate the business, and the politics side of it. Time to move on.

What is Don King like as a promoter?

K9: We all know that Don King is one of the best promoters of all time. But with no tv dates and a lot of different promoters coming up. Seems like there's a new breed. He hasn't did a good job with promoting me. But I still respect him as one of the best promoters, if not the best promoter of all time. I can't cry over spilled milk, I just have to move on.

And finally K9 have you got anything to say to all your fans out there?

K9: Take care of today because 2morrow already has its problems. Keep God 1st, JESUS 4 LIFE. All my fans can reach me on twitter @K9boxing and also on my youtube page (K9boxingchamp) Thanks for all the support.