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Written by Jake Wallwork

Alexander and Maidana make their debuts at welterweight

If the welterweight division isn’t already packed with superstars, and already considered as the best division in the game, now that Devon Alexander and Marcos Maidana will fight each other at 147 it certainly should be.

Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Andre Berto, Victor Ortiz, Kell Brook, Mike Jones, Dejan Zaveck and now Devon Alexander and Marcos Maidana. Just some of the top notch fighters which fight at boxing’s most popular weight class. What makes it more exciting is the fact that like the big boys at light welterweight; Amir Khan, Timothy Bradley, and Lamont Peterson all look like moving up to Welterweight sometime in the near future.

There are many potential match ups between the boxers I have just mentioned in the future. But right now we have Devon Alexander Vs Marcos Maidana. A fight which promises to be more entertaining than Devon Alexander’s ‘fight’ with Timothy Bradley. No belt is on the line for this clash, but think of it as an unofficial title eliminator for a welterweight belt.

Where does the loser go from here?

In my opinion the loser of this one is in a very bad position career wise. Think about it, if they lose their first fight at the division it will make it a lot harder to get a title shot in a weight class full of contenders. I imagine neither Alexander nor Maidana can make the 140 light welterweight weigh limit. So for both it is a must win fight, both should put everything into their performance and leave nothing in the ring.

The fact they both punch hard and have leaky defences, promises for this fight to be a barn burner. Unless Alexander doesn’t want to make a fight of it.

Alexander needs to put on a show

Before his fight with Andriy Kotelnik, Alexander was very highly thought of with the fans. They expected him to become the next American superstar. A below par performance and a controversial win over Kotelnik had fans having second thoughts over his hyped up potential. Then came a loss and another terrible showing to rival Timothy Bradley. This had fans questioning his courage in the ring.

And in his most recent fight, to Argentinian Lucas Matthysse, Alexander won a decision which most if not all boxing fans thought should have gone to the Argentinian.

From being a potential superstar, Alexander quickly became somewhat a laughing stock for boxing in America. A good performance showing grit and determination, and most importantly a win is desperately needed for Devon Alexander.

Maidana needs a big win

If you look at Maidana’s four big fights in his career against Amir Khan, Erik Morales, Victor Ortiz and Andriy Kotelnik. Two of them he has lost (Khan and Kotelnik) and the other two which he won, can be questioned.

The fight with Erik Morales was a close fight which divided fans into a fifty-fifty split to who actually won the fight. And if you take into consideration Morales age and the fact that he is past his prime, the win doesn’t look all that good.

The victory over Victor Ortiz is a good one, but Ortiz has shown mental weakness on more than one occasion. But you can’t take anything away from Maidana who came off the canvas three times to earn a solid victory, and his best at 140.

Who will win?

Both can get the knockout. Alexander can connect with one of his trade mark uppercuts and score an impressive knockout. But Maidana can pressure Alexander until he quits Ortiz style and earn himself another solid career victory. I can’t see it going to a decision, but if by chance it does go to the scorecards then you can bet on Devon ‘hometown Decision’ Alexander getting the benefit of the doubt whether he deserves it or not.

But one thing to consider is that Matthysse has been described as ‘a better version of Maidana’ by some boxing fans, so if Alexander can make a tough fight and not get knocked out against Matthysse then maybe he could beat Maidana. Even though Matthysse and Maidana have similar styles, Maidana still has a great chance of winning. I wouldn't be suprised at either man winning in this contest.

The winner of this fight will have done enough to earn a world title shot against any of the current belt holders at 147, but you can imagine they will be campaigning for a fight against Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao for a bigger payday.