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Written by Jake Wallwork

Dereck Chisora pulls off another weigh in stunt by slapping Vitali Klitschko on the chops

Dereck Chisora is known as the type of guy to do something outrageous at a weigh in. At the weigh in for his fight with Carl Baker he kissed Baker on the lips. More recently at the weigh in for his fight against Robert Helenius, Chisora messed Helenius’s hair up, and attempted to kiss him.

So for the biggest fight of his life, we all expected Chisora to do something out of the blue to try and get into Vitali’s head. But we didn’t expect Chisora to slap Vitali pretty hard across the face. Vitali to his credit did not retaliate and his reaction to be slapped in the face was to give Chisora a cold stare back.

Messing your opponent’s hair up at a weigh in is okay, there’s no harm in that. But perhaps Chisora did go too far when he unleashed a swinging right slap across the cheek of ‘Dr Iron fist’ Vitali Klitschko.

Some will think he crossed the line, some will say it was just a publicity stunt. The WBC definitely thought Chisora went too far and they have fined Chisora for £50, 000. Making it the most costly slap ever.

Now, I think Chisora should have received some punishment, but fining him almost half of his purse is a tad harsh if you ask me. Why doesn’t the WBC just give him a slap on the wrist back? (no pun intended)

The slap stunt could either be the best thing Dereck Chisora has ever done, or the worst. It could rally Vitali up so much that he comes out of his corner looking for a big knockout from round one, and leaving himself open to big shots in doing so. Or it could spur Vitali to get the job done and punish Chisora in the process.

Whether the slap was a good or bad idea, whether Chisora deserves to be punished or not, one thing we do know is that the fight will be more exciting than originally anticipated.

Let me know what you think of this slap situation. Thanks for reading.

Here is the video of Dereck Chisora slapping Vitali Klitschko at their weigh-in in Munich. Courtesy of Tom Gerdy.