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Our favourite analyist with a Martinez - Macklin video

Sergio Martinez vs Matthew Macklin was a world title fight that lived up to the name. Macklin, fresh off a controversial loss to Felix Sturm, did himself a lot of credit against many people's #3 pound for pound fighter. The Birmingham middleweight has twice now proved he can fight on the world stage, but unfortunately he has lost both bouts.

Martinez, 37, hasn't put a foot wrong since losing to Paul Williams back in 2009 (and we all know how he got his revenge for that). He's beaten Kelly Pavlik, Paul Williams, Serhiy Dzinziruk, Darren Barker and now Matthew Macklin. Where does Maravilla go from here? Well, a Martinez-Chavez fight has been mooted, but I doubt we will see if this year., Arum has a few more bucks to squeeze from Chavez and will protect him for the next nine months in his Top Rank womb. It's more likely that we'll see Martinez - Lee.

What about Macklin? He'll probably want to get a win, build up some confidence. He's built up respect and a fanbase with his performance vs Sturm and Martinez, and plenty of people will cheer him on in his next fight.

Here's Dwyer's video reaction to Martinez - Macklin. If you don't know Dwyer, he is a knowledge and passionate sports fan and has a deep knowledge on boxing. On rare occasions he can get annoyed with something that happens in or out of the ring, and when he commits this to film it is a joy  to watch. Take a look at his latest video. If you're pro-HBO, you might not want to watch....